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  1. Was my thought when I did see only 3 items added to a merchant.... So much missing. Don't take me wrong those 3 items was needed bad, but and its a big but, still so much more missing.Bag and Vault extensions, farm and drill boosters, faction shirts, DT and other player boosters etc. As a example these 2 merchant has some of it. The amount of storage shuffling you have to so if you want to craft your own stuff is insane tbh. https://fallenearth.fandom.com/wiki/Merchant:_Reward_Points_Merchant_(Los_Alamos) https://fallenearth.fandom.com/wiki/Merchant:_Reward_Points_Merchant_(2)_(Los_Alamos) There are also items that was marketplace only... Have to look after the ppl leveling and help em get to lvl 55. Reson the Kit was so sought after is pure storage and bag related....
  2. Sorry for the late reply, the crosshair is the right frame of the menu bar, so only way to move that is to grab the left frame of the menu bar and move it to place it at the center. Edited and marked the left frame on the pic.
  3. Another incomplete and biased poll..... Do some research before posting it, and stop confusing our mod team And adding stuff as the ppl are pointing out whats missing will just break the poll even more. Lots of QoL items needed before more vanity items tbh, like the Commander Kit, Bank & Bag space, respecs, cleansers, boosters for farms & harvesters etc...
  4. First of all TY to LO for the effort put into FE & current event(s). Now onto the current event and the level 'restrictions' it has. In my view as a player that quests to level up those are a bit to low for each zones. My suggestion would be : Embry 1-15 Needle Eye 12-20 Sunshine Corners 15-35 Traders Flat 30-50 Los Alamos 45-55 And yeah some overlap allowing for some toons to do 2 sets. This is only a 'trinket' & a AP and will have zero impact on anything if some get 2. This can also maybe be flagged like the G.O.R.E.D. quest chain? There you can only do 1 of the 4 quests. Or just use the same as G.O.R.E.D. and have no level restrictions at all? As one that quests to level I see this level range for the zones : S1 is 1-20 S2 is 15-35 S3 is 30-50 Deadfall is 45-55 TW, Alpha & Outpost is 55. As a example I can do 2 of my toons I did for this event. First was level 11, just started down in Oilville, and had to goto Needle Eye for the event. Second was lvl 36, just reached Blaine in S2, had to travel to Traders Flat for the event.
  5. As I understand its some of the server code has been cleaned up and recompiled from 32 bit to 64 bit, so yeah still same old code in a 64 bit environment Also seen Matt mentioning server hardware running at 100% CPU, that will cause lag as it cant complete it tasks
  6. And all that was 'lost' when they did restructure fast travel, and impossible to change back... The tutorial was also changed way back then.
  7. Hi, After the migration of the server all my old toons has lost its achievements, my 4 old 55s has 0-50 points. But my 3 toons I created a year ago, around the time LO took over, has all? or most off the achievements still. Hope this is something that can be looked into, I like the historical data it contained with all the dates for the different achievements.
  8. Ohh, didn't fit YOUR view did it? for many crafters it does and did, and no from a questers view of things I will not skip anything if I was to do the leveling again... But hey it's all about YOU and your vision, just remember that the MMO community has changed a lot in the last 5-10 years. The reason it worked pre-gore was just one thing, not the gear or anything, it was the players and the population. In fact GORE is now completely irrelevant, so are all the slots on the char page for gear...... But goodbye, will be my last post here for a looong while.
  9. It's due to a problem with lag that happens when the server runs several days between restarts. Usually takes 70-90 minutes.
  10. And moved out of EU 'prime' time. But into somebody elses prime time.
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