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  1. As far as I can make out from the forums the game is currently under constant maintenance because of problems with database tables after the server changeover.
  2. Just returning after a few weeks away from game and I come back to a character selection screen with no characters. Yeah I have read forums about problems and waited for a while. After 30 minutes I gave up and assumed I will not be getting back into the game any time soon.
  3. Your username is a unique string of letters and numbers that is allocated to you by the system and it begins with "G1-". I am not sure how you find it. Maybe someone with a little more knowledge can enlighten us.
  4. Applications are closed for now.
  5. Generally speaking I think "naming and shaming" is frowned upon in a forum, I know it is in most forums I have been part of. Having said that I agree that something needs to be done with people who abuse the game by trolling in chats.
  6. As the title says. is anyone else having problem from UK/EU?
  7. Turn off antialiasing in your launcher options.
  8. Yes I saw that. But when you look at the constant feedback that they receive on the APB forum it makes us look like the hidden ugly sibling. Also, strangely enough, the day after my original post we suddenly see a GM online. Maybe a placebo?
  9. We have heard nothing tangible since Matt Scott's update on the 15 June 2018. Almost two months later it seems that Fallen Earth has been forgotten. Come on guys keep us informed! If you engage your player base you will show that Fallen Earth is not the lost cause that everyone is beginning to think it is. Let us know where you are with fixing things, even if you haven't made the headway you expected to do. Some news is better than no news and at least it show you haven't forgotten us. Also what happened to the GMs? They were online most days but now are very noticeable by their absence, especially since the lag problem has seemed to get worse. Don't make the same mistake as G1 and alienate your player-base. We would like to have faith in you but at the moment FE players are feeling a little left out of the loop.
  10. It also doesn't really send a very good message to the new players that have joined recently. No activity on Twitter either since June.
  11. Server maintenance began nearly 3 hours ago but I am still unable to connect to game. It would be really helpful if some sort of notification could be given as to the status of any ongoing and protracted down time as this would show you care about your player-base.
  12. Given the above information he has played since 2009 and spent $120 so that is just slightly over $11 a year. I'd think that qualifies as sufficient information to work out the problem he is having. At least from his/her point of view.
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