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  1. McHondy

    AP Mission List

    Sector 3 done : https://www.mmo-nomad.net/fe/APs/Sector 3 AP Missions.pdf
  2. McHondy

    AP Mission List

    Sector 2 done and added to main post. https://www.mmo-nomad.net/fe/APs/Sector 2 AP Missions.pdf
  3. McHondy

    The State of the Game (Updated 06/15/2018)

    Let me give you a run down of the last days from a EU player : Wednesday: - Logged on to heavy lag in the morning. This lag was game breaking. - Duplicating crafts (you get the item but the craft don't get removed from the craft que, just relog and deliver the same once more) - Lost items in mail (Open mail and it times out getting the message from the server and show you a empty mail that can be deleted, the item in it lost forever) - Not being able to start crafts (had to try 3-10 times due to it timing out). - Not fixed before the scheduled maintenance that evening, that's all of Wednesday 'lost' for EU. - Was okay after the restart at 7 Pm until bedtime. Thursday : - Was a good day with almost no lag at all. Friday: - Logged on to heavy lag in the morning. This lag was game breaking. - Same issues as Wednesday. - Got a bit better when someone did 'kick' the server, but still almost unplayable. - The scheduled maintenance that evening removed all lag again. Still most of friday 'lost'. -Was okay after the restart at 7 Pm until bedtime. Saturday : - The best day for me this week, with zero lag to mention. Sunday : - Log on to semi heavy lag. - Still got a craft or 2 that didn't complete as is should and lost some cheap mats with the mail not showing up, and getting deleted by a mistake. - Gets bad around midday EU. - Gets back on that afternoon, its better but still lagging a bit. Monday : - Same as it has been since Sunday afternoon. - All actions has a 2-5 sec delay, with spikes over 10 sec. As the game has been since Sunday afternoon its playable but lagging, having a premium harvester bonus is a joke as the server adds 2-5 sec on all actions anyway. Using 10 sec to kill 5-6 human NPCs, and the 30-40 sec looting their body after is not what I call fun gameplay. Well that's it, only got 1 question, why no restart of the server Sunday to clear some of the lag up? Sure its playable and not game breaking, but still annoying as hell......
  4. McHondy

    The State of the Game (Updated 06/15/2018)

    @MattScott Time to give us a update on whats going on with fallen Earth? Currently the lag is really bad, and its 'chasing' away both old and new players. If it's not managed it will shrink this population fast, me being 1 of em. Even doing Like EvE and have daily scheduled maintenances to clear it yup will be preferred compared to how its now, hours on hours with unplayable lag. Last 2 times the game lagged completely out it was left running like that until the next scheduled maintenance.
  5. McHondy

    Fallen Earth still the ugly stepchild.

    I for 1 is done paying for premium, yeah we get a 0.2 sec faster harvesting from nodes, but then its the 5-20 sec lag spike before anything happens. So until I see improvement my premium(s) will run out.
  6. McHondy

    FE LAG!!

    I know, but last reply in FE forums from any in LO is 3 weeks old......
  7. McHondy

    Fallen Earth LAG!

    This is G1 section of the forums
  8. McHondy

    FE LAG!!

    Or maybe it need to be here? https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/3150-fallen-earth-lag/?tab=comments#comment-51494
  9. McHondy

    Fallen Earth LAG!

    Do I have to post her to get some attentions from a server tech? It's lagging bad again...................
  10. McHondy

    Response time form LO

    And a new day and same lag, and no GM or LO technicians in sight... I'm NOT waiting for the scheduled maintenance in 11 hours this time. Time will be spent looking for other ways to waste my time.
  11. McHondy

    Response time form LO

    Hi, First of all i know this game is running on a badly maintained custom engine. But the lag that now have been going on for 8-10 hours is something that can be done something with, if LO just can get the info its happening. ATM this is the fastest way to get any response and that's sad. -> @MattScott, @Lixil, or @ Whoever is in charge of running the server. Being in a clan that invites in all the new players it can, I see more and more of those just leave, some because of the lag and warping of mobs.... So plz setup a way to monitor the server for the lag or give us some faster way to get the attention of the server crew. /McHondy Edit: So we are going to have to wait for the scheduled restart? It's in 2 hours... then the game will have been close to unplayable for 16-18 hours......
  12. McHondy

    Is maintenance still on?

    Well it didn't work, as of 11.30 CET the lag is very bad again, mails not showing up, crafts not completing, (duplicating)...
  13. McHondy

    Urgent Server restart needed

    As of 09.50 CET (GMT +2), the lag is back and have heavy spikes, crafts not completing etc
  14. Hi, The lag are so bad that things are not showing up in mails and crafts are not completing.... @Lixil or @MattScott with no GM's in game maybe setup a @ something we can use to get at whoever is on duty?
  15. McHondy

    Monthly premium reward ?

    So what are LO going to do with this? @MattScott or @Lixil