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  1. Signed, it will take a miracle for FE to resurface. Revitalizing this old custom engine will be a mammoth task. So this is sad news indeed, there is nothing else like this on the market.
  2. This happens several times a day, and its not you, its the server. Its what I will call a very big lag spike, last all from 10-15 min to a hour, only thing you can do is wait.... It started after the server move, and its about to chase away the last loyal players.
  3. Well progress has already been wiped, all my oldest toons achievements are gone... They where all there about a year ago, not checked since, so may or may not be linked to the server move. And for some reason my toon made 15-16 months ago has not lost any achievements.
  4. Added 1 set with the same mods, just using the default skin. Oldest one is based of the Ice skin.
  5. If its a old Icarus account you may be to late. If it is you could try a ticket?
  6. So, pre-gore? Why don't go further back? For me as a crafter/PvE player, the decline started with the suits covering more then 1 slot. A MMO has to evolve and expand, not going back, and players will always have to adapt to those changes... And as always there will be as many views on how to evolve the game(s) that there are players So for now i will do my adapting to the current situation in FE, leave and just keep monitoring the situation hopping that LO can pull something off. See you all around. This game addict is off searching for the next fix.
  7. McHondy

    Icarus migrations

    Think this is for the very few accounts that was created under Icarus, before G1 took over, and that still have not transferred to a G1 account. Can remember we had to do a transfer of toons to a G1 account back then.
  8. Technically you are now talking FE2... See you in 2025. Starting to sound more and more like this dude : http://www.gamesasylum.com/2016/05/17/the-unfortunate-tale-of-3do-doom/ I will give LO time and that's it, we will see what if anything they can get done.
  9. And how is a fresh start the only way to do it? Yes it needs more players and it can be done in many ways. Just have a look at Trion and all the fresh starts they have done in ArcheAge...... And your view is noted a 100 times on this forums, and the old forum, but for many a fresh start will be the end of the game, as they have spent hours getting stuff they wanted from it, and not doing a quickstep around a tent outside LA. We all play this game for our own enjoyment, and that is not the same for all. Not even sure how many want a old school MMO anymore, the new Fortnite generation wants thing that takes max a hour each time.... Porting this old and custom game to any engine will be a massive job, just look at all the new MMOs in development, many get shutdown way before its even ready to test due to the cost of doing it. But I can understand LO wanting to try and in the same time wipe all data clean, will remove many problems that exists in the current database.... I will probably be one of those that will not come back if the change is only a new game engine. Will need a major overhaul to be done then. So for me this game is now going into a holding pattern, will see when and if LO ever gets anything done and decide what to do then. Depending on manpower this will take a looong time anyway. And to LO: Scrap that antichat and make a antidupe instead, or maybe one that does both... Give the players split back for how long this is going to take
  10. Are they still looking, its gone 6 weeks now... https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/2807-monthly-premium-reward/
  11. 6 weeks later and nothing has happened..... It's still on the webpage and no reward has been sent out since April or May.
  12. Ohh, I did 'adapt', by going freemium and casual. This is about a function that was TEMPORARY turned off. And about the complete silence from LO about it. As long as it's still temporary off so am I. Until we get a answer on what's happening, if it will come back, gone forever etc, my involvement will be logging in a few times a week just to get my small FE fix, and that's it for me. When (or if) we get a statement from LO on it I will adapt to that, how will be decided then.
  13. When or if stack splitting will come back? The increased weight was a bandaid, but not a fix. Monthly premium reward(s)? https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/2807-monthly-premium-reward/ Ticket response times? See my ticket #5735, 7 weeks old now. It's a simple request and even a no we cant help is better then complete silence. After a week i found a way to 'fix' it myself so the ticket it self is mute, but still. ATB gets this : https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/810-tracking-customer-support/ what about us in FE?
  14. Nice and fast I see... Got a ticket about a cashshop purchase that is 2 months old, with no reply at all (#5735) And on ATB they get this : https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/810-tracking-customer-support/ What about FE's numbers? And don#t bother with my request, I 'fixed' it using AH to 'exchange' the item in question. I just left it open to see when somebody was going to respond to it.....
  15. Yeah, can we have a update on this? My premiums are not going to be renewed, even with the increased wight it's to much hassle to run around using the merchant workaround.
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