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  1. McHondy

    Heavy lag

    thx for the restart
  2. McHondy

    Heavy lag

    Hi, It's getting close to unplayable atm, need to click pickup several times from a body or a node.
  3. McHondy

    Stack splitting

    Yeah just turning it back on without a fix will be bad, the lag will be back and the ingame economy ruined. But we need a temp fix very fast. Did read the posts discord, and just remember that most you talked with there is the old veterans both PvE, crafters and PvPers. As a returning player in a clan with lots of low level players the limit on weight is the major problem for em all, as there is lots of things a new player need to craft both to gear up, make ammo and doing quests. And as a low level player the weight limit is 50kg, that's 2 stacks of any ore or metals. It limits most to just stand around in a craft shop to see the timer tick down as the bag is full and you cant quest or gather. This will drive players away. A temp solution is needed ASAP, or all the new players trying out the game will leave, it picked up lots of players with Little Orbit taking over. Increasing base weight limit is 1 solution, or lowering the weight off all the materials is another, but that is 100s of items to edit.
  4. McHondy

    ETA on stackspliting?

    Can we get a update on this? https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/408039-march-28-patch-notes/ Its now 2 1/2 months ago.... I know this was before the takeover but it's annoying as hell not having it due to the weight limits. So can we get a update or ETA on this? Back in 1 day, a week, a month, a year or never? A answer to this will be the deciding factor to spend more cash on or not on this game.
  5. McHondy


    And it's baaaaaaack....
  6. McHondy

    Crosshair and Radar Mod

    It's on the menubar, its the left frame. So you can place that HP bar where every you want, and you can NOT move the sight with clicking and dragging it. Only way to move the menubar is the right frame.
  7. McHondy

    Crosshair and Radar Mod

    Hi, Made this a few years ago, back playing now and wish to share it : Screenshot from a 1440p. Download link : mc-dot.zip Unzip and copy to /Fallen Earth/skins, 1 for 1080p and 1 for 1440p. I have not made any of this, it's just a copy and paste from 3 or 4 older mods a couple of years ago. The menubar will have to be lined up manually, only thing that can be used to move it now is the frame that on the right side of it. Edit: Got a better place to store the it. And faded the crosshair a bit more into the background.