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  1. Looks like a better understanding of in-game mail for those that never used it was sound. Definitely using it with all my trading so far. Not familiar with any exploits but am hoping that the devs are able to figure that aspect out and close those loop holes. Hopefully the extra resources being patched in will reduce those notorious lag monsters. XD Keep up the fantastic job Matt.
  2. This was part of the reason why I asked about the server lag. I rarely experienced anything like this before with even more folks on so was thinking about and asking for some reasons this could be happening more so this time around. That said, I do wonder if going to the newer operating platform changed the way how data flow is being handled. It reminds me of trying to play an old 20 year old pc game on current OS / Hardware and crashing it out all the time. Appreciate the responses!
  3. Not a network specialist or anything but was curious what is causing the server lag? I seem to get on just in time for some of the lag storms so I'm just lucky I guess. Still though, just looking to learn.
  4. Keep up the great work Matt! Definitely appreciate the fact we even have this game to come back to so any fixes along the way are greatly appreciated. :)
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