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  1. Greetings to everyone, A few months ago Youtube had decided to close our Film cinematic channel under the name of ''The Film Production''. The reason for this kind of act is due to music copyright infringement; we weren't active at that moment to take any action. We created a new personal YouTube channel, were in the coming days in shall upload the good old days films. Top videos NR.1 Rewind Director Mind NR.2 Music Video NR.3 Art Of Revenge
  2. Hey there ! im glad you enjoyed, i wouldn't call myself a artist at this moment.
  3. Welcome to our fan community. We're two brothers and a team with the same vision towards film industry. We have a passion for cinematic films with a bright story. Our goal it to achieve the most cinematic shots that ever can be done besides the story line. Remind yourself that there are a lot of obstacles on the line, so we take our precious time to bring out the best to you. We knowledge our mistakes and take as a lesson to the future. Below we post our 5 tops picks. 1. Gold Girls Guns 2.Music Video 3.Rewind Director Mind Nr.5 Le Art Of APB:R (18+ Edited Wallpapers)
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