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  1. you are too demanding, silvers like my movie thanks for opinions, probably will never make movies like that anymore, but if i do, i will use your advices
  2. okay and you have something to say besides your hate?
  3. how can the matchmaking system work properly when you have 80 players on totally different levels in one district? at the time matchmaking is shitty because of small number of players (although there are similar threat players in one district) and if there were no segregation you would wait for the mission for ages
  4. as a gold i can say that i'd love to play with golds only and leave these all silvers fighting each other. i should join the gold server then, but they are so empty that it's impossible to find a mission there. i think there are a lot of people with the same opinion because it doesn't matter where the silver is (in your or the enemy team), they don't play at the same level and we shouldn't be mixed. but there is a problem that even if one person joins a gold district, nothing changes because the rest of golds are still in the silver district (it is just their habit to choose it). the option of choosing lower threat district should be locked by the game so every gold joins gold district and most of them are happy because they play with players that are "at similar level" (imo they should add more threat levels btw, because gold≠gold, but this is an other problem, not to this thread). tl;dr without interference of developers this problem is never gonna be fixed
  5. you can, 1 month costs 799g1c. you have to press 'add to cart' instead of 'subscribe'
  6. you have to wait some time after logging in from a new device
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