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  1. slot

    APB Roadmap

    ^this please @MattScott
  2. it sucks but support doesn’t exchange anything bought from armas. I tried to exchange mistakenly bought obeya ‘below zero’ for something with an equal price. long story short now I just have 2 versions of obeya rifles. T_T gotta think twice and double check everything before buy.
  3. So you want this event to be fun or 'competitive'? If the 1st I don't get where some of the limitations come from? Why banned normal vegas, dmr or scout while such meta things as spotter and radar tower (for example) remains unbanned? Also I don't see why would there be a problem having a carbine/oscar and obeya rifle at the same time. If you want it to be more 'competitive' the whole ruleset seems to be a bit out of place. Nothing has been said about players etiquette (changing weapons/loadouts mid mission, moving hold itmes, abusing spray points or oob zones, blocking objectives, running etc etc). OPGL, yukon, rfp fang, remote det, kevlar I/II/III, high burn fuel, blowtorches are not banned/limited? Also which missions exactly will be dropped in bo1? i.e. vip, calabrias delivery, PC's delivery, bomb planting in finals. Again, pointed above weapon limitations along with normal vegas ban are pretty questionable (meanwhile fresno with explosives 3 and car bomb is fine). Maybe it's just me and people tend to have different opinions. The rules are up to the host anyway. I appreciate the event and the host for encouraging all the players. Wish this one will be much better than previous tourneys.
  4. Thanks Matt! Imo it doesn't have to be super #1 priority, just don't forget about us colorlind people when you're about to make some actual changes to the game. red/gray color blind here
  5. amazing design. may I ask where did you get those sneakers from?
  6. i don't want to speculate but i think they'd let us know if it was battleye. also it's only for citadel and nekrova
  7. Somebody murdered a GM at the Breakwater Galleria, please call the police! Jokes aside, 3 GM's hanging around in social district answering questions, chatting with players and just enjoying themselves in the game. I haven't seen at least 1 GM on EU server for ages before LO. Little Orbit you're the best
  8. while I'm kind of ok with LO decision to reverse majority of FF bans I believe people that continuously cheated and gained more than let's say 10 bans by cheating or exploiting over years should stay banned. those are pretty rare cases but they are also most toxic and destructive for the game and community. those people haven't learned the lesson before and most likely they will keep seeking for unfair advantage in any way possible. on the other hand this massive unban thing would've done a good job as a stress test for the new anticheat solution.
  9. this. though i'm more concerned about names that belong to unmerged accounts