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  1. slot

    Cars/Armas/Me ;)

    Today i bought a car kit i didn't have enough for the Complete Vegas Pack so i was looking at the Vegas kits and saw this one kit The Mercury Kit i'm an old fashion car SIot so i decided to buy it thinking the white tires would come with it because of the image on it... it didn't so i'm thinking of an idea an idea that would change Apb here we go Tires that come with the kit now it might sound silly i know but i think its a pretty good idea because some people like me make the mistake and not reading the details about the kit its still a good kit though also i think the Vegas should have an audio kit too i wanna hear a different Vegas sound than the regular vroom vroom one like something strong something threatening something that would make someone think "dang that guys car sounds gewdddd" and also i think it would be nice to have tires separate instead of a pack you can spend 99 g1c for a car tires you want instead of spending 200+ g1c on a pack. Thank you
  2. slot

    Queue for districts

    instead of spam clicking join district how about a queue?
  3. I got killed by X weapon! please nerf! you have a gun which you can hippfire it at 50m range even though it’s RNG af at this range I’m still struggling with my ntec which supposed to dominate over every other weapon in the game. you basically click and it’s a guaranteed instant hit because an oscar aims for you aswell. and have you ever tried to track an oscar player? that’s impossibru because the fuсking OSCAR makes them teleport all around. no-no that’s not poor servers performance nor unstable connection thats a freacking gun injects regoated straight to their clients. a gun which is god tier on CQ... somehow... with its one of the longest ttk’s... and OP on mid range when 80% of the playerbase prefers ntecs for some unknown reason... GG blizzard nerf!
  4. Intentional or not but bullets damaging your own vehicle is one of the best changes made to the game mechanics to justify ridiculous amount of pioneers/espacios HP. please bring it back @Lixil
  5. I double this It would stop people from abusing desync bug
  6. how come this dude has 450 forum posts and yet he didn't realize none of them makes any sense?
  7. try uninstalling your av protection. I used to have the same issue with bitdefender av and issue has gone once I uninstalled it
  8. I'm not ready. my gpu died. please postpone the patch until my new gpu arrives.
  9. for me hitreg is worse than the whole past week. my opp literally consist of kevlars 5 now. please address this asap
  10. you can type in "/ignore player" and it will mute player's kill theme. I know that new support portal looks fancy and all but there's no need to spam support with this since they're already sinking in the sea of unsolved tickets
  11. just make it 1 VIP per team so there are 2 VIPs in total. problem solved
  12. @MattScott @Lixil I have more than 15 characters and buying same packs for all of them for the full price is ridiculous. any chance we get account-wide clothing packs soon? until then I'm holding my money. thanks for free premium though.
  13. ^this please @MattScott
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