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  1. Ntec is definitly to strong in ccq, just hipfire and ran like a idiot, its definitly to easy but thats only one in my opinion where it needs to get nerfed
  2. Well in my opinion the grenades in this game are to strong like they should have less blast radius and being more skill based. Why we even have 2 of them like is it not better that everyone has only 1 grenade and getting a new one after a 30 seconds delay ? with that method we dont have grenade spammers anymore. Also lets make it like we have only 1 type grenade not like " percs, lowyields, concs". Actually they deal a lot of damage when you ate one of those its like you getting hit from an NHV-R. What you guys think about the grenades ? do you think they need a change or do you want to have them like they are now ?
  3. give me his name and i will pay him out i mean common 70K ingame cash isnt that worth to take the effort to report him.
  4. i am totally the same opinion as Emcitement there you can see that this guy knows very well about this game and his current state. I think who ever disagree with him is an totally blinded person and playing on bronze district with remote Detonater. I agree with all of this points
  5. What do you guys would think about it when we get an cooldown between throwing nades ? like i throw a nade and getting a cooldown of 5 or 10 second before i can throw the second one again ?. The Idea behind is to determind Nade spamming, specially with low yields or for general.
  6. I dont understand at all why this is gun is still a thing, you have an gun which you can hippfire it at 50M range and the accuracy is high as fuck also. You basically click on target and its all gurantee a instant hit cause its the oscar. Do you ever tried to track an Oscar Player on close Combat ? then you know what i am talking about cause its fucking impossible..... they warping arround and teleporting. Movement gods on 50M range fighting ability.... you dont even need to go marksman for it. A Weapon which is god tier on close combat and also at mid range..... GG Gamersfirst. Im sooooooo sick of this gun allready and everyone who knows how the gun works, know what i am talking about . Doo something against it
  7. Can we get the threat levels in apb back ? where you had to climb from 1 to 10 to reach the threat above. I never understood why gamersfirst changed it but i think it would be kinda fun to have an actually ranking system back in this game since they removed it from 2011 or 2012 i guess. I also think that it would bring most of the players back again. What do you guys think about it ?
  8. i think amberwind is right, a weapon like this shouldnt has that amount of potential cause its way to easy to play, i mean what are you doing ? you literally just spamming your opps and melting them down even if you not have prooper aim, cause the nfas is forgiving it. the funny fact which i think is, that most of silvers playing guns like those like for an example -> NHV-R or OPGL or OSMAW mostly you see them with an RFP-9 too. And thats not the end.... if all of those things doesnt help, then they take stuff like -> REMOTE DETONATER or LOW YIELDS or PERCS.. All of those shouldnt be in the game on my oppinion cause its brainless gameplay and you get high reward of it to being a full moron which cant play a prooper weapon
  9. i seem a lot of people with high ping they like ice skating on the ground and unhitable for the most time and seems so faster in movement too. i cant track them on close combat and when i doo its just not gonna hit.. its like they have an advantage or something cause players with high ping can always hit me but i cant hit them.... Sometimes its like you getting 5 shots in the same second from players with high pings i talking like ping from like 80 or 90 above not like 200 or 300 ms. I just want to know if i am the only one who see this or why its even like this if someone knows the answer. Btw. i having a good ping and im not playing with w-lan or something or having anything on my background open.
  10. What about Oscar players ? they are warping the whole time or teleporting... why is that so ? is this cause they also sprint and delay it ?
  11. What you experts in this forum thinks about this gun ? In my opinion its broken. the range is insane. the firerate or better say the delay between the burst shots are to short that you can literally spamm with it. you can easily stomp ntec players on mid range, you are basically ttk them out. the mobility or better say the ability with this gun is insane, you can just peek-shoot 3 times from corners and destroying your opps with it. "Yeah with other weapons too" i just need some arguments :DD i think for a secondary gun its just to strong I forgot to mention that its the only p2w secondary in armas which you can get from that version of it
  12. yeah winning is all about in this game, why you dont just play kevlar 3 and Osmaw with remote detonater and low yields and driving nulander or espacio and specially playing RFP as secondary, i mean winning is all about in this game and not fair play and fun or competitive gameplay. You are true heros in this game.
  13. only silvers who cant aim plays with remote detonator... its so fucking annoying, you 1 vs 1 them and when they are about to lose they pressing a button which gives them a free kill and getting rewarded for being bad. Some Kids abusing it to just get a free kill if they know that they cant beat you with aim and just throwing a car at you no matters if they die or not. In my opinion, its a bad mod and should not in the game.
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