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    Cars/Armas/Me ;)

    Today i bought a car kit i didn't have enough for the Complete Vegas Pack so i was looking at the Vegas kits and saw this one kit The Mercury Kit i'm an old fashion car SIot so i decided to buy it thinking the white tires would come with it because of the image on it... it didn't so i'm thinking of an idea an idea that would change Apb here we go Tires that come with the kit now it might sound silly i know but i think its a pretty good idea because some people like me make the mistake and not reading the details about the kit its still a good kit though also i think the Vegas should have an audio kit too i wanna hear a different Vegas sound than the regular vroom vroom one like something strong something threatening something that would make someone think "dang that guys car sounds gewdddd" and also i think it would be nice to have tires separate instead of a pack you can spend 99 g1c for a car tires you want instead of spending 200+ g1c on a pack. Thank you
  2. slot

    Queue for districts

    instead of spam clicking join district how about a queue?
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