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  1. You should know by now, that the world will fix climate changes before this new engine upgrade will launch.
  2. Watched your video @Wizard1111 and thought it was funny. Like the very first runover by a mistake (0:18-ish) but I also agree about quite too many meme's. However, I would like to watch more videos from you which might got more APB content. Keep up good work lad.
  3. I've been optimistic for the future of APB:Reloaded since 2014. 'Hope' is a quite different thing
  4. Welcome back. I highly doubt that the active clans who where here when you were active are still here or recruiting. Not said I can't be wrong. ~Heal
  5. No need for LO Community Managers when the community is thin as GamersFirst had faith in APB:Reloaded
  6. So we will reach another planet for humanity before we reach engine upgrade...?
  7. No future. No management. No hope. If you search for hope, go to the church!
  8. I must say, it's remarkable that you guys keep posting in here during the current state of this game (quite dead). However, I keep follow you guys posting here. Thanks.
  9. Might list the active players, should be a much shorter list lol.
  10. So without Director, no one knows what to do? Information and Communication. Sounds pretty not-organized
  11. Current state: 'More vodka please'
  12. Could we get any clarification about the working progress still goes on or is the captain going down with his ship by now?
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