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  1. Will David Jones get back to his game? *Ouch*
  2. support.gamersfirst.com
  3. You mean the streamers with configs that makes APB look like Minecraft?
  4. Next would be commercials in-game while waiting for opposition..
  5. Either you act stupid or you simply just ignore your own post.
  6. The obvious, you never left.
  7. Have you repaired through APB Launcher, this causes a trade lock apparently.
  8. Heal

    apb reloaded

    What's more painful than this game? This thread or reason why you came back to post it?
  9. Dude after nearly a year off - you just came back to answer. So, you might not have left at all but created a new account (like most people who got banned) and then continued.
  10. Used to be more detailed notes about these.
  11. If dev's got a personal account to play the game without us knowing about it, that's the way it should be. Otherwise their gaming experience would be ruined with such as whispers, nerf requests, cheating reports etc. I don't care if he's playing the game as a CEO, as long the development team makes the game better.
  12. Would you buy a book and afterwards find it literally gosh darn shiet, then afterwards go back to the book store and tell the people that they're idiots?
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