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  1. Expected "Change my mind" as the only text in this Post. Gotta admit I'm slightly disappointed
  2. @Seadee this would make a huge impact on the actual purpose of clans in apb imho. I would just exlcude this whole thing from APB$. When i think about clan contacts i'm thinking about some currency equivalent to Joker Tickets. Having certain tasks to accomplish within the Clan or between Clans (As in Clan Wars) in order to gain "Clan coins" is gonna work alot better towards Clan Progression in the long term.
  3. In the end I highly doubt macros are that much of a thing in APB. Being accused of it is one thing, actually macroing is yet another and I don't think the number of players using macros is as high as some people believe it is.
  4. I like the Idea tbh. It has something of an MMO Guild Progression where for example leveling the Guild/Clan up would allow you to do more with the Guild Blacksmith. I could imagine like a Clan specific "Contact" for example that allows Members to lease Weapons for certain credits they can collect within the clan. The Weapon lease times or Weapon Types could be dependent on the Clan level for example
  5. +1 nothing else to add. Good to see this Post being back up. Hopefully it's getting the attention it deserves this time around unlike with the old Staff. Thanks for taking the time to bring this together @Esther
  6. +1 for this. This should either be set as Standard or explained within the Tutorial.
  7. Itazura

    AMD processors

    Intel CPUs used to have a higher IPC along with way better Single Core Performance. APB is heavily relying on one single Thread which is why a CPU with better Single Core Performance obviously does the trick in getting better Performance. Especially when overclocking this kicks in. However your Ryzen is on an Eye-to-Eye level with most Intel Single Core Performances and you shouldn't have a lot worse performance than anyone with an Intel CPU has. If your cooling Solution allows you to, overclocking always is a nice option to get a bit of extra performance out of your machine. But be aware that you may void your warranty when overclocking. Also give it a few hours and do some research before overclocking.
  8. God please no. I'll not be able to finish a single mission anymore
  9. So i've done some testing on this. As for the Forced Line Break, this occurs to be an issue with the way the line-height is defined in the CSS class that defines the Spoiler Tag. I'll show you a quick example. Default line-height Preview looks as follows for me(Same as what it looks like for @Esther As you can see, i obviously have the same "Double Linebreak" which isn't actually a double Linebreak but just the line-height being displayed to high but we'll get to that. So i've tried and changed the line-height to, say 0.8 instead of 1.6 and voila this is the result: So this means to fix Issue 1, there only needs to be this one Value changed: .ipsType_normal.ipsType_richText { line-height:1.6; which is located in: https://forums-cdn.gamersfirst.com/css_built_3/341e4a57816af3ba440d891ca87450ff_framework.css.f53bf06e5cfb44798aec13cdc7bee86c.css.gz?v=150f656ad5 (starting from Line 12533) So @Lixil or @Majiik could you look into this please ?. If anymore information is needed, just DM me :). Edit: To Fix issue 1, simply use SHIFT + ENTER instead of just ENTER for a new Line. This is actually not a Bug but intended by IP.Board. To Fix issue 2 and 3 do the Same. Literally only use SHIFT + ENTER for every ENTER you would usually use and this will work flawlessly. The above is done using the Bullet List Button So it really isn't a bug but a pretty unnecessary feature of IP.Baord. This however can be changed in CKEditors config by LittleOrbit Staff. @Majiik could you bring this to the Team and make a decision wether it's easier to change it and avoid people being bothered by it or just leave it as is ? In case you wanna change it, search for "enterMode" on this page. Edit 2: With the current Version of IP.Board it's even easier to change this within the Settings. Just check the img within the Spoiler down below
  10. I'm getting a feeling for the reason behind removing the poll Feature on the old Forum
  11. I really hope this Problem gets resolved very soon. The Clan Progression Thread should definitely be up on this Forum again. Thanks @Esther for the effort you're putting into this once again. Good to see people still care
  12. I actually can't believe they're unbanning people that have obviously been cheating. I mean it's happening apparently, but i highly doubt this is anywhere close to a good decision. They've had their chance and they fucked up. There's literally no point in giving them a "second chance" as most of them have rerolled in the meantime anyway. You'll probably see a lot of all those "high-skilled" players aim like shit once they're logging back into their old Accounts now. From that point on, give them 3, maybe 4 Months and they'll all of a sudden aim like young gods again for some mysterious reason
  13. Haven't they already mentioned that most Serverside issues are related to DDoS Attacks which have been happening on a regular base lately ? I do think it was mentioned somewhere that they're on it and that there's already a Plan to move to a new sort of mitigation Strategy. From what i've seen memorywise, location informations of Cars, Players etc. are only shared within a radius of roughly 100m+/-. So while this could cause more traffic for the server, it shouldn't have a huge impact on your Clients connection.
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