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  1. Yeah tommygun needs buff i paid 120euros toget that 3 slot one...
  2. Spotter breaks the game..... Hate that sht there is no point to have Spotter ingame and it makes the game just no fun we have taggers and we have firework launcher aaaaand we hve teams to communicate....
  3. Hello im 255 rank gold crim and almost 255 with enforcer. I have played apb reloaded since 2011 and been gold since 2011 only at start of the game i was silver. You can always message me if need New member In apb. I can speak pretty good english, but sometimes i forget word's, team communication is good. Im looking for good clan/team Who play seriously no bs. Reason why i always leave clan is that simply nobody play seriously enough for my liking. Im 26 years old almost 27 (old fart) message me if needed
  4. OnEGod

    PVE servers?

    I would give this my aproval if cut down exp and monay by 70% no problemo
  5. OnEGod

    Lock gold to gold

    We need gold just one server with balance matchmaking and gold rewards
  6. Would be nice if you could shoot from 120m with that scope and it would be still effective and Who ever runs with this mod could be seen from over 120m distance
  7. The only thing that would make New players stay longer is matchmaking balance. Today i fought against 9 rank silver with my 230 rank gold... He got rekt so bad he left game. Yes i could give him chance but there would be no point
  8. 1. Full District Queue, this is the number one thing! also the new engine update would be cool improvement to the game. 2. Matchmaking balancing. 3. make car's go faster. 4. give people choice to change crosshair from littleorbit made crosshair pack. 5. put 20$ price on game so cheater's would have to pay for it. (would make less cheating and get you more money to make the game better or you can go drink beer more often)
  9. THIS IS WHAT I MADE AFTER SAW YOUR RULES... FK! THIS IS WHAT I MADE BEFORE I SAW YOUR RULES! I thought this is just competition no rules other than no editing,... but yeah im not in this competition just thought i should share this screenshot took 2 hours to make the costume np have fun guys happy halloween no black allowed, sorry.
  10. There is no proof that anyone got banned from it...
  11. Ill give u mission make video with cam on your mouse and your game and then do gold mission also keep your shooting as consistant as you shoot standing still and shooting a wall just try it i bet you cant do it
  12. First of all i want to say that even you get every single hacker/cheater out of the game there is Still big problem and it's called macroing. Yes now people are going to say how i know that someone is using macro with like joker SR15 or Oscar. I know that these weapons are impossible to shoot stable and smooth all the time with fastest fire rate, how do i know this is that i have been playing this game since 2011 and tested the weapon with different mouses and tried the weapons with all kind different situations. I really do hope you could make some kind system to fix this problem and make macroing bannable. my mouses i tested with: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Steelseries Rival 310 logitech g400s Roccat savu mouse couple normal mouses
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