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  1. AgentRick

    New Yr Same Shitty Servers

    Semantics- perception is reality. In the best interest of these forums and anyone who may become involved in this discussion should it escalate, I digress to my original statements and close only with those. I got my point across.
  2. AgentRick

    New Yr Same Shitty Servers

    You both know exactly who and what I am referring to and it isn't Matt Scott or his response. You can attempt to use semantics and plausible deniability to try and turn me into the bad guy in defense of your friend, but I don't feel the comments were appropriate.
  3. AgentRick

    New Yr Same Shitty Servers

    I think what concerns me much more than the brief server issues is the lack of professionalism demonstrated in some of the responses to this post. They don't seem to be in good spirit or in the best interest of anyone.
  4. AgentRick


    Cheating is never the way to go, and it takes all the fun out of the game for everyone else. Having run a clan and dedicated servers in various games across various anti-cheats for almost 16 years now, I can agree that gathering definitive evidence on someone who is cheating takes time and isn't simple or cut and dry. While people become frustrated and angry that they see the same people they believe to be cheating day in and day out (I'm one of those people at times who gets impatient), allowing Little Orbit to investigate reports and gather sufficient evidence to reach a final conclusion is important. In my servers' case, banning someone who we adamantly believed to be hacking didn't really harm the player- they would go find another server and we would likely never see them again, whereas in APB there is a lot more at stake, such as progression and purchases through Armas. "Evidence" that people submitted to me when I was running the game servers, and when I was involved with various anti-cheat organizations, was never 100% conclusive on its own. Some "evidence", and by some I mean perhaps 10 - 15%, presented enough suspicious behavior to merit further investigation into the player in question. Back in the old days, we were able to force client-side screenshots using archaic anti-cheat software such as Foresight in MOH and Punkbuster in Battlefield. I'm not sure if this is still a viable method, however, the Punkbuster client took the screenshots and automatically sent them to the server administrators without the player ever knowing. The administrators were then able to evaluate the screenshots to have a much better idea of what the player was seeing. As Matt Scott said, "snapping" by looking behind you while running, then shooting, would mimic a cheat in another game, but in that scenario, no cheating was likely involved at all- just proper manipulation of the player's camera. I have seen some pretty blatant cheaters throughout the years in APB, and I have seen a couple as recently as this week. That having been said, I'm hopeful that they will find their rightful place on a ban list some time in the near future. @MattScott thank you for your continued communication and transparency with the APB community. As I've previously stated, I've played since open beta and I never once even heard the name of the CEO of Gamersfirst, let alone read any correspondence from him/her. I hope you and the rest of the LO team have a Happy New Year and we are all looking forward to the big changes coming up in APB 2019. Regards, Rick
  5. AgentRick

    Duplicate Vehicle Designs / Upgrade Vehicle Mod Slots

    Ideally, it would be an upgrade to the already-existing "Duplicate Vehicle" function within the game, so premium or lack thereof wouldn't impact the design.
  6. AgentRick

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Matt, I absolutely love the idea of phasing and it is something I have been groveling about in my clan's VOIP servers for years every time someone outside my mission interferes. "Why can't they phase missions? People from outside the mission shouldn't be able to crash into me or block the objective with their cars." If implemented effectively, phasing would kill many birds with one stone. In regard to matchmaking, I like the idea of pulling from a larger pool of people and trying to place them in missions with people of similar skill levels and latency. If you're able to effectively implement a matchmaking system that can achieve everything you said, LO will officially have won the internet. I'm on the fence about completely removing visible threat, however, because we utilize threat and rank in determining who makes the cut for my clan's SWAT Team. It will be significantly more difficult to create new criteria as cut and dry as "You have to be gold, you have to be this rank or higher... in order to qualify to be tested". Should visible threat be removed entirely, we would have no true measurable way of setting minimum criteria and would have to rely completely on evaluations. One of the suggestions I had previously made was re-implementing the 1 - 10 threat system that G1 used way back in the day, where people could tell how far along they were in their threat level. While I would be personally indifferent if threat was removed, I think for a game that essentially requires you to partake in PvP to progress, there should be some system in place that tells players how they rank compared to others. I have fond memories of working through the various tiers of Silver (8 9, 10) to reach Gold back in the Open Beta- that was fun and gave me something to strive for when I was a brand new player. Have a Happy New Year and thank you for the progress on APB! We're all looking forward to APB 2019! Regards, Rick
  7. Hello all, This is something I think I suggested years ago and it never saw much attention or came to fruition. Perhaps I didn't explain it well enough, there wasn't enough interest from the community or it didn't seem like a rewarding enough feature to implement by the previous development team. Nevertheless, I have come to the crossroad again where such a feature would help me tremendously in-game and I know such a feature would help many others, so here-goes. How many of you have spent a lot of time and effort designing a car in APB? Now, how many of you had to spend a similar amount of time making the same or similar design on the same exact make and model car because you purchased one with a different number of modification slots? Allow me to expound on the suggested feature: What if LO made it so that when someone hit the "Duplicate" button on a vehicle, it opened a menu that allowed you to select the number of mod slots, restricted to those you have unlocked, with the corresponding price, and duplicated the selected vehicle's design onto that model? Example 1: A player spent a lot of time designing their 2-Slot Pioneer. They decide it is time to upgrade to a 4-Slot Pioneer and have saved up the money to do so. Instead of buying the 4-Slot Pioneer and having to completely re-design the car from scratch, with my suggested feature, they can click "Duplicate" and select "Nulander Pioneer (4-Slot)". Boom, the design from their 2-Slot Pioneer is duplicated onto a 4-Slot Pioneer, they are charged the $1,000,000 associated with the 4-slot, and they don't have to spend any time trying to replicate the same design on the same make/model car just because they changed the number of mod slots. Example 2: A player purchases a 4-Slot Jericho from Armas and spends a significant amount of time customizing it. Their friend takes a liking to the Jericho and asks if they could have one. Using the suggested feature, the owner of the Jericho clicks "Duplicate" and selects "Patriot V20 Jericho (4-Slot)". Boom, the design from their untradable 4-Slot Jericho is duplicated onto a tradable 4-Slot Jericho, they are charged the $1,000,000 associated with the 4-slot, and they don't have to spend the time trying to replicate the same design since they can't duplicate and trade their Armas vehicle. Obviously there would be some constraints to implementing such a feature. This likely couldn't be feasibly implemented across different makes/models of vehicles, so it would have to stay Jericho-to-Jericho, Rapier-to-Rapier or Pioneer-to-Pioneer. It couldn't be feasibly performed while in a trade either, so the menu would only be accessible through a locker, mailbox or kiosk. An alternative to this suggestion could be to allow the creator of a vehicle to upgrade/downgrade their vehicle's number of modification slots based on which vehicles they have unlocked and available to them. Downgrading an existing vehicle's modification slots could issue a refund of the difference in vehicle cost, while upgrading a vehicle's modification slots would cost the difference in price between the two models. The example to my alternative would involve duplicating the existing vehicle, then adjusting the modification slots via upgrade/downgrade as needed. If you think this suggestion is something that could help new players and veterans alike (like I think it can), please give it a like and/or a reply so we can potentially have another useful feature implemented into the game. Thanks for reading, be safe everyone.
  8. We are excited to announce the new look for our clan's website to kick off the upcoming year. We have shifted to a more modern design which better emphasizes our clan's theme and color scheme. Have a look, and maybe even consider sending in an application while you're there! We're always looking for new additions to the SPPD SCU / =167= family!
  9. Thank you for addressing that, LT. McLeod. I know that you or one of the other leaders of SPPD would have reached out to me personally had there been an issue involving SCU, rather than posting on our recruitment thread. We are glad to have the SPPD as allies and look forward to future endeavors together as our groups become more active and continue to grow. It appears that the fake WilliamChang's post was deleted. The passive aggressive behavior exhibited closely resembles that of Arxhive's (aka Tyler L). I will reiterate what I've said in previous posts. We wish him the best, we hold no malice and we are sorry he is unable to accept the decision we made and move on.
  10. AgentRick

    The San Paro Police Department

    Aw shoot, thanks anyway man! I can not attest for activity level of the San Paro Police Department, but I am the leader of the SPPD SCU. We are allied with SPPD. Tyler L was an ex-member of both clans and was kicked out of both for poor behavior and emotional instability. (You know, like the teenage girls who say they hate drama but cause it? Yeah, like that.) The SPPD Street Crime Unit is still active, although a good number of members are taking a hiatus until server stability improves. Both groups are good, solid clans though- you can't go wrong with either one. If you shoot JackHarper a PM, I'm sure he'll get back to you. If they are no longer active, you're welcome to play with us. Happy hunting!
  11. I've watched this a solid 20 times, I can't seem to find the skill, just a noob being a noob with a weapon that's not supposed to be able to do that cqc That's precisely the point I was trying to make. There was no skill involved in that, just a bunch of luck associated with a broken mechanic. As for the noob comment? Don't know who you are, doubt you can do better.
  12. AgentRick

    The San Paro Police Department

    Every clan that kicks you out is "not a good clan". Have you ever taken the time to consider that maybe you and the way you behave are the problem? I have spoken with and interacted with several leaders from the SPPD and we are on good terms. They are serious about being professional, and any raging you may have encountered would be rectified quickly if you reported it to their leadership rather than bashing the clan on their recruitment post.
  13. I'm hoping this isn't a total nerf to the HVR and its capabilities for CQB. It takes a lot of skill to be able to successfully utilize an HVR when the enemy is up in your face. Quickswitching and crazy shots like the one below are hopefully what they're looking at removing:
  14. You're the person who insisted we were roleplaying in your reply before. Unless you can provide your actual in-game name and accurate details on your alleged membership, your statement is invalid. There is only one individual who we booted from our clan that lended an eye and gave some opinions for our designs and assisted with recruitment. Assuming that is you, I am attaching the letter we distributed the day you were removed. We hold no malice toward ex-members, and we certainly don't enjoy removing members from our clan. That's not a good practice to keep an active clan, is it? We have a zero tolerance policy for toxic behavior, racism, or any kind of drama. There are some situations where we have to make decisions for the betterment of the clan- this was one of them. I'm sorry you are unable to accept the decision we made and move on.
  15. Thanks for reaching out. We are causal friendly and regular activity isn't a requirement to remain in the clan. We understand people have responsibilities and lives outside of gaming and we accommodate the members that do. We ask that members be in touch with us at least once per week, or if they cannot, to send a message to a member of the leadership team so we are aware. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I hope to hear from you soon.