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  1. Thank you for addressing that, LT. McLeod. I know that you or one of the other leaders of SPPD would have reached out to me personally had there been an issue involving SCU, rather than posting on our recruitment thread. We are glad to have the SPPD as allies and look forward to future endeavors together as our groups become more active and continue to grow. It appears that the fake WilliamChang's post was deleted. The passive aggressive behavior exhibited closely resembles that of Arxhive's (aka Tyler L). I will reiterate what I've said in previous posts. We wish him the best, we hold no malice and we are sorry he is unable to accept the decision we made and move on.
  2. AgentRick

    The San Paro Police Department

    Aw shoot, thanks anyway man! I can not attest for activity level of the San Paro Police Department, but I am the leader of the SPPD SCU. We are allied with SPPD. Tyler L was an ex-member of both clans and was kicked out of both for poor behavior and emotional instability. (You know, like the teenage girls who say they hate drama but cause it? Yeah, like that.) The SPPD Street Crime Unit is still active, although a good number of members are taking a hiatus until server stability improves. Both groups are good, solid clans though- you can't go wrong with either one. If you shoot JackHarper a PM, I'm sure he'll get back to you. If they are no longer active, you're welcome to play with us. Happy hunting!
  3. I've watched this a solid 20 times, I can't seem to find the skill, just a noob being a noob with a weapon that's not supposed to be able to do that cqc That's precisely the point I was trying to make. There was no skill involved in that, just a bunch of luck associated with a broken mechanic. As for the noob comment? Don't know who you are, doubt you can do better.
  4. AgentRick

    The San Paro Police Department

    Every clan that kicks you out is "not a good clan". Have you ever taken the time to consider that maybe you and the way you behave are the problem? I have spoken with and interacted with several leaders from the SPPD and we are on good terms. They are serious about being professional, and any raging you may have encountered would be rectified quickly if you reported it to their leadership rather than bashing the clan on their recruitment post.
  5. I'm hoping this isn't a total nerf to the HVR and its capabilities for CQB. It takes a lot of skill to be able to successfully utilize an HVR when the enemy is up in your face. Quickswitching and crazy shots like the one below are hopefully what they're looking at removing:
  6. You're the person who insisted we were roleplaying in your reply before. Unless you can provide your actual in-game name and accurate details on your alleged membership, your statement is invalid. There is only one individual who we booted from our clan that lended an eye and gave some opinions for our designs and assisted with recruitment. Assuming that is you, I am attaching the letter we distributed the day you were removed. We hold no malice toward ex-members, and we certainly don't enjoy removing members from our clan. That's not a good practice to keep an active clan, is it? We have a zero tolerance policy for toxic behavior, racism, or any kind of drama. There are some situations where we have to make decisions for the betterment of the clan- this was one of them. I'm sorry you are unable to accept the decision we made and move on.
  7. Thanks for reaching out. We are causal friendly and regular activity isn't a requirement to remain in the clan. We understand people have responsibilities and lives outside of gaming and we accommodate the members that do. We ask that members be in touch with us at least once per week, or if they cannot, to send a message to a member of the leadership team so we are aware. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I hope to hear from you soon.
  8. In my experience, most privacy notices, hold harmless agreements, consent forms and liability release forms don't really hold up in a civil court case if a crime or negligent action was performed, and they generally don't protect the entity requesting that people sign them or agree to them. Despite that, even with a small likelihood, the above scenario is within the realm of possibility. I'll have to research various privacy policy templates, canned user agreements and other statements relating to data breaches. Thank you for your observations. That is possible, but we have an internal policy in place that prohibits camping or repeated witnessing of the same person(s) in a short period of time. Unless the individual has a lot of money on them, we generally won't go after them for a while after we bust them. We are happy that APB is coming back to life under the banner of Little Orbit, and we don't want to chase out new or existing players. It is also possible that other enforcers could use our database to add people to their friends lists based on our busts. Should they use that information maliciously, especially if they harass players based on that, they will have to suffer the consequences associated with that behavior. It would be unfortunate should an enforcer misuse our database and I discourage any enforcers reading this discussion from doing so. Should they want to go around witnessing, we have a great patrol program and we actually have some level of morals- they should reach out to us instead.
  9. My mistake, I misread the sentence about the constitution. I believe I have a decent knowledge when it comes to expectations of privacy and so far, everything you mentioned has not convinced me, based on my knowledge and understanding, that I violated anything. Again, if I have unintentionally violated a law or policy, I would respectfully modify/remove the database from the homepage to comply. I would understand if I owned a for-profit business or company and was using people's character names to generate business or revenue- that would be a completely different story. I would also understand if this was the real world and I was violating someone's legally defined expectation of privacy. My clan is not a company, it is a bunch of ordinary people that play the game, laugh when they get blown up by OSMAWs and have fun. The only difference is we are more organized and methodical in the way we do certain things when compared to other clans. I have never received negative feedback (believe it or not) in regard to the bust database. Generally, criminal players that I converse with jump on the site and search to see if they've been busted, and they usually laugh about it if they have been. The intent of the public database is to be a conversation-starter, nothing more, nothing less. The "Top 5 Busts" section displays essentially the same information as the database, just sorted for ease of viewing, and it is there to recognize the members of the clan for an achievement-worthy bust. Because it is evident you feel strongly about the matter, I will send a broadcast message to my members that they shall not list your name in the database, out of respect. Despite disagreeing with the severity of your false light statement, I feel adding "In-Game" to the "Confiscated Funds" column wouldn't do any harm and is a fair clarification simply to be proper. Thank you for your input and I hope you have a nice holiday.
  10. The person was playing a multiplayer game on a Little Orbit server. There is no expectation of privacy in any respect when you play a multiplayer game. This occurs whenever anyone streams on Twitch, uploads a gameplay video on Youtube or posts a screenshot of a mission's scoreboard on Steam. Cite me an example where someone is sued for doing any of the aforementioned actions and is forced to remove them. You're losing sight of the fact that this is a video game, not reality, and my group is a bunch of people who play a game, not a company or corporation. I make no mention of anything someone is doing in their own home, only their actions in a multiplayer game on a Little Orbit server. This is an extreme stretch, and since we only list that they were "busted", we are not disclosing any private facts. Also, the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America protects citizens' freedoms of religion, expression, assembly and the right to petition from the government of the United States. This is like claiming someone's fourth amendment rights were violated when they went to a sporting event and had to open their purse. The stadium is owned by a private business who has full rights to search and seize property- rights not violated. This is another huge stretch. There is nothing to debate here. I am a law-abiding citizen and I follow the Code of Conduct, Terms of Service and guidelines set forth by Little Orbit. Should the database be violating an actual law that you can cite (not copy/paste a few sentences and claim you are protected by an amendment), or should Little Orbit determine the database is against ToS, I would be happy to take it off the front page of the website. Your character and her actions in a multiplayer video game are entirely different from you and your actions in the real world. Again, I see no invasion of privacy, violation of any laws or ToS. More so, I am unaware of any privacy law that protects your in-game character (owned by Little Orbit) or their actions (performed on a video game server owned by Little Orbit).
  11. Again, you are welcome to discuss this with me privately. As I said in my original reply, please include specific laws, statutes or policies in your PM, as again, I am not aware of any violations. If the old Gamersfirst Terms of Service you refer to was still in effect, it would be openly posted. Your statement regarding our database violating previous Terms of Service (despite not believing it applied to this situation anyway, even when it was in place) is irrelevant. Claiming you use the name "CrunkGirl" as an alias outside of APB: Reloaded is like me claiming to call myself, "Byron Bloodrose" and claiming APB is infringing my rights by using my "alias" and depicting me as a criminal. Our database lists the bust date, criminal name(s) and amount we busted the criminal for. You have no reasonable expectation of privacy for your character's name when you are playing a multiplayer game online, and yet again, your argument does not coincide with my knowledge of expectations of privacy or common sense. Once more, your character is intellectual property of Little Orbit, you have no ownership. Your character's name and likeness could appear in a gameplay video of APB and you wouldn't have any recourse should you approach the creator of the video and threaten them to take it down. My clan is an online group of gamers spread across a dozen countries. I do not use anyone's character names for appropriating users in my clan, and even if I did, the clan is not a for-profit business. Since you do not own your name in APB (Third time I think? Little Orbit does), and since "CrunkGirl" is not your legal name, and since I am not spreading libel or any hearsay about "CrunkGirl", I still fail to see any violation of ToS or the law. Should you continue to discuss this with me, again, please cite specific laws, statutes and policies. Once more, you are welcome to request that we omit your name from our database and we would be happy to do so, if it made you feel better. Happy gaming.
  12. We are happy to serve. I have responded to your statements below. If you don't commit an open-world crime, you're probably right. Please review Little Orbit's Terms of Service, located here: https://www.gamersfirst.com/terms/ Nowhere in the Terms of Service does it state using a third party service such as a website is prohibited. Furthermore, the new APB Reloaded Code of Conduct also does not mention anything of this nature. Our database is created by clan members for clan members to catalog criminal busts- there is nothing illegal or unfair in that. I'm afraid your list would be a blank piece of paper. Your gaming alias as it pertains to APB: Reloaded is owned by Little Orbit and unless you hold a copyright, trademark or patent over your name, you have no legal recourse for it being listed on a website. With your statement regarding invasion of privacy, that would mean recording any in-game footage that includes your character name (say you were killed in my mission) would be invading your privacy. There is no violation of any terms of service or local, state or federal laws that I am aware of. If you wish to debate this, you are welcome to send me a private message on the forums. If you choose to do so, please include specific statutes, laws or policies that support your claim that a bust database is illegal/disallowed in APB. Out of respect for your feelings, despite having no legal recourse, if you request we don't add your name to the bust database should we bust you in the future, I will happily oblige, just ask instead of threatening. You get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. Have a Happy 4th of July.
  13. AgentRick

    I have a problem

    This is not the appropriate forum to post an error. Este no es el foro apropiado para publicar un error.
  14. We want to thank all of the heroes that serve our proud country today and everyday! We are one of the only clans that have awards for the heroes who serve/served their countries in the military and in public safety roles. Our members are permitted to wear the "Military Service" and "Public Safety" ribbons they have earned on their uniform in-game. Happy Independence Day everyone!
  15. AgentRick

    Server lag update

    Matt, Thank you for putting out a statement. The recent issues (which will likely be resolved in the near future) aside, I feel like you and your team at Little Orbit have done some pretty incredible things with APB. Within your first couple weeks, you removed or back-seated the old staff members that were causing problems and animosity within the game. You implemented a brand new anti-cheat system, and you unbanned accounts that were unfairly banned by the aforementioned staff. I have been following your blog posts, road map and the recent announcements and have to say that I'm impressed at how well you and your team grasp the current state of the game. The CEO actually reaching out to the community is something we never saw with Gamersfirst, we were lucky to have occasional communication with Tiggs. Come to think of it, I played since Open Beta, I don't even recall the G1 CEO's name. I want to thank you and your team for the efforts you are taking in revitalizing this game. My clan has seen a major boost in recruitment since the initial announcement of Little Orbit purchasing APB and it continues to flow steadily. Please maintain the enthusiasm, professionalism and persistence that you and your staff have exhibited for bringing this game back. I know that a lot of players (myself included at some points) are frustrated with the current lag and issue with various blatant hackers, but I understand and try to convey to others that this is a growing pain associated with any transition of this nature. I am confident that if the player base can exhibit some patience during the transition, they will likely be surprised and pleased with where the game will be in the not-so-distant future. Again, thank you for your diligence and for reaching out and communicating with the community.