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  1. Unless there is an update, you can launch directly from the Advanced Launcher. I have an RTX card and the only way I can play without a crash every 5 minutes is by using the Advanced Launcher.
  2. We were against threat segregation back when G1 originally implemented it. Since it was temporarily removed, we've seen a full Financial district running alongside a full Waterfront district where anyone can enter and play. With a lower population, the removal of threat segregation has allowed for a greater variety of opposition and the ability for anyone to level contacts in either district. A mixed bag of skill levels, experience and ranks worked just fine back in beta. Being placed against more skilled players affords people an opportunity to learn through observation along with trial and error. You can't improve without playing against more skillful players. Being placed against lesser skilled players affords those of us who are tired of the same try-hard pre-made sweats five missions in a row to throttle down and mess around. Threat segregation encourages de-threating, which ends up interfering with matchmaking anyway. We're looking forward to the planned changes after the long-awaited engine update is released.
  3. Hey OfficerHot, Just now receiving the notification of this reply for some reason. Looks like you find your way into the Discord. We're still active, although Jericho's population lacks in comparison to Citadel. Let us know if you need anything.
  4. Because the launcher is trying to query the old servers like Joker and Patriot. Just launch the game and you'll be able to connect.
  5. I'm going to reiterate... Are RTX card users actually expected to wait until Engine Update, or can Little Orbit address this sooner?
  6. I was aware of that and I did read through this thread prior to posting. My two standing questions are: 1) Are there any work-arounds, which Little Orbit approves of, that players could possibly use to try to fix this? I saw that one possible fix had been posted on a cheating website.. If it actually works, can't LO just suggest it to the players themselves? 2) If not, are RTX card users actually expected to wait until Engine Update, or can Little Orbit address this sooner? Borderlands 2 also runs UE3 and there is a known solution which the RTX users can implement to fix the same problem with that game. It surprises me that there isn't a similar fix for APB.
  7. Why is this still a problem? While I don't completely understand the technical in's and out's, is there really no way of fixing this prior to the engine update? We're going on 7 months since the problem was acknowledged and we're how many months late on the engine update? I've plugged a lot of money into this game and still maintain premium. The game is practically unplayable when it crashes every other mission. More people are upgrading to RTX cards, this needs to be fixed expediently. Do we have any news on this... other than waiting for the engine update? @MattScott @Lixil A handful of people in my clan, including myself, either play sparsely or don't play at all anymore because of the "out of memory" crashes that people with RTX cards constantly experience. If a good percentage of my group's population experiences these issues, I cannot imagine the number of APB players impacted in total. Please advise. This is frustrating.
  8. As of April this year, we've been a clan for 16 years! Looking for a great group of people to play APB with? We're still here and we're recruiting!
  9. The timing of your troll post was very close to when a group of angry kids came into our Discord hackusating us- within a couple hours. Other trolls maybe. Kids really need to find a more productive use of their time lol
  10. Nope, not a requirement. Also, hacking in APB and coming on our Discord to cause a disturbance and hackusate us is an easy way to get banned from it! Stay salty, my friend. Edit: Thank you for the free bump and +1 post count. We always love free publicity.
  11. We are still around and we are still looking for active members! Did you know we are one of the longest-running clans, not only in APB, but in gaming as a whole? We were founded in 2003 in the PC Game MOHAA: Spearhead. We expanded into APB in early 2011 during Open Beta. We intentionally keep our group smaller and tend to focus on 1 - 2 primary games at any given time to ensure a high quality, home-away-from-home experience for everyone. If you'd like to know more, visit: - Our Website - Our Discord - Our Twitter Ready to apply? Click HERE. We look forward to adding more members to the family!
  12. Semantics- perception is reality. In the best interest of these forums and anyone who may become involved in this discussion should it escalate, I digress to my original statements and close only with those. I got my point across.
  13. You both know exactly who and what I am referring to and it isn't Matt Scott or his response. You can attempt to use semantics and plausible deniability to try and turn me into the bad guy in defense of your friend, but I don't feel the comments were appropriate.
  14. I think what concerns me much more than the brief server issues is the lack of professionalism demonstrated in some of the responses to this post. They don't seem to be in good spirit or in the best interest of anyone.
  15. AgentRick


    Cheating is never the way to go, and it takes all the fun out of the game for everyone else. Having run a clan and dedicated servers in various games across various anti-cheats for almost 16 years now, I can agree that gathering definitive evidence on someone who is cheating takes time and isn't simple or cut and dry. While people become frustrated and angry that they see the same people they believe to be cheating day in and day out (I'm one of those people at times who gets impatient), allowing Little Orbit to investigate reports and gather sufficient evidence to reach a final conclusion is important. In my servers' case, banning someone who we adamantly believed to be hacking didn't really harm the player- they would go find another server and we would likely never see them again, whereas in APB there is a lot more at stake, such as progression and purchases through Armas. "Evidence" that people submitted to me when I was running the game servers, and when I was involved with various anti-cheat organizations, was never 100% conclusive on its own. Some "evidence", and by some I mean perhaps 10 - 15%, presented enough suspicious behavior to merit further investigation into the player in question. Back in the old days, we were able to force client-side screenshots using archaic anti-cheat software such as Foresight in MOH and Punkbuster in Battlefield. I'm not sure if this is still a viable method, however, the Punkbuster client took the screenshots and automatically sent them to the server administrators without the player ever knowing. The administrators were then able to evaluate the screenshots to have a much better idea of what the player was seeing. As Matt Scott said, "snapping" by looking behind you while running, then shooting, would mimic a cheat in another game, but in that scenario, no cheating was likely involved at all- just proper manipulation of the player's camera. I have seen some pretty blatant cheaters throughout the years in APB, and I have seen a couple as recently as this week. That having been said, I'm hopeful that they will find their rightful place on a ban list some time in the near future. @MattScott thank you for your continued communication and transparency with the APB community. As I've previously stated, I've played since open beta and I never once even heard the name of the CEO of Gamersfirst, let alone read any correspondence from him/her. I hope you and the rest of the LO team have a Happy New Year and we are all looking forward to the big changes coming up in APB 2019. Regards, Rick
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