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  1. Todavía se puede descargar el lanzador avanzado y si es así, ¿dónde puedo descargarlo?
  2. How will I choose one if I only have the normal launcher
  3. Now I have another problem with my normal launcher xD don't let me start tell me error 1 file has not been downloaded in apbgame / apbconfig / and now I can't start the game with the normal launcher xD
  4. My launcher is not updated. An error appears in the play button, I try to repair, but it still doesn't let me start it and it gives me an error
  5. Did you start it normally with the advanced launcher?
  6. still not let me tell me that the servers have no data
  7. Can you still use Advance APB Launcher today 11/29/2019?
  8. I have a question and this is how I can equip the paint cans (clothes) and tried all kinds of pants pants and it doesn't let me
  9. kagm

    I can not buy G1C

    I try to use steam by pressing shift and tab, so that the apb forum opens and since I have been able to buy G1C but it does not leave me the page it remains blank
  10. kagm

    I can not buy G1C

    I have a problem when trying to buy G1C the process goes well but at the time I enter the page paymentwall does not load anything the page goes blank without showing -not an icon try to reload the page several times but remains the same some know How can I solve it or what is the problem?
  11. Before I had the problem that I had been able to buy in the arms market of the social district (the green machine) and told me to see how much time was betado and was betado 2 days, wait for those two days and when I want to buy I get that I will be 3 more days and I do not know why if the only thing I do is play normal games I do not mess with anyone I do not understand why they initially took me but I let it go and now it tells me that I am betado for 3 days as they can take me away the betado?
  12. kagm

    I can't buy D:

    I have the same problem error of the social district passed the 3 days and today I wanted to enter they put me another 3 days and I have not done anything I've only been playing normal missions because that message does not stop me from appearing?
  13. kagm

    I can't buy D:

    the message says that in 2 days I can trade thank you friend xD I have another question, can you still use the Advanced APB Launcher?
  14. Can you help me with a question?
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