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  1. JStryker47

    PVE servers?

    I'm afraid you misunderstand the problem. The contact I'm working on is only in Waterfront, but nobody ever shows up to the Waterfront servers anymore - bronze, silver, or gold. Also, I lose a lot so I don't need to de-threat.
  2. JStryker47

    PVE servers?

    Well, there's got to be SOME way for me to get some goddamn standing points with Orlenz, because I'm getting real sick and tired of nobody showing up in Waterfront!
  3. JStryker47

    PVE servers?

    Simple. They could have you go to the options menu and set the kind of opponents you want - gold, silver, bronze, red/blue, or green - and have you face a number of bots at that skill level. Your partners could potentially be anyone who had the same opponent setting as you. For regular missions, your enemies would be near the objective area and, after taking them out, you'd be given a timer to show how long you have to do the objective before they get back. For dispatch missions, there'd be a timer showing how long you have until the enemies reach the objective area. And if an enemy is doing the objective, then you'd have another timer to show how long you have to stop them from completing it. Scoring wouldn't have to be any different than how it is now.
  4. JStryker47

    PVE servers?

    Well, see... here's the thing: putting aside the fact that I tend not to do so well in PVP shooter games, I'm trying to invest in the car surfer mod and I'm at the point where I've maxed Justin Teng and gotten to level 10 with Orlenz Moretti - and until I get to level 15 with Orlenz, I won't receive the contact who has that mod for sale. But unfortunately, Orlenz is in Waterfront and - for some unknown reason, Waterfront is always deserted these days. If there was a way I could fight against bots, that would solve my problem and give me some much-needed practice for fighting against players.
  5. JStryker47

    PVE servers?

    Would it be possible for there to be PVE servers; in which you'd face off against bots instead of players? Not only would this cut down on time spent waiting for enemies, but it would also make good practice for less skilled players.
  6. Both as weapons and to wear on our backs, like Double-B.
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