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  1. noudoei

    [Forum] Request your title here!

    "Nothing interesting happens."
  2. noudoei

    [Game] Clan Progression

    +1 Would love to have more use out of clans, now its just another friendlist. Maybe an idea for clan wars: the two clans start at cap point C. They need to capture it or hold it for a set amount of time, and when they do they will unlock the next point towards the enemy's base, like A<b<c>d>E A and E are the main base of the clans. Its like they need to controll more of the city to win the war.
  3. yes for free new weapon. no for the weapon options that are shown.
  4. Can you add an option to make the nades/car icon optional?? In my opinion it looks cooler without the nade and car icon.