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  1. eazy-vinny

    New GamersFirst site

    Homepage looks realy nice and works responsive good job !
  2. I can't spend money on them. they removed the button to buy them.
  3. 'Effective June 20th 2018, we are restricting the purchase of Loot Boxes. This is a short term solution to bring our games into compliance with the rules laid out by the Gaming Authority in your country. In the near future we will be unlocking these purchases, but enforcing trade limits on rewards. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.' When did this apply i can't buy joker boxes anymore?
  4. eazy-vinny

    How to reach support?

    Did he changed he's password ? Did you try different browsers ? Did you check the spam folder ? if all is yes there is no other option then waiting for a respone
  5. eazy-vinny

    /fps eats up 50% of the frames

    like you know what to do right ? always easy to complain. try to lock frames to 60 there is also a option in nvidia control panel to changes some way's to play apb maby idea to check that maby make custom style for apb, your pc is fine its not the hardware if i look at the specs. i belive there are more people having problems with the sapphire thats because the drivers from the card have some issues maby search for a fix. support is bad at sapphire that why i never buy one xD goodluck
  6. I played runescape long time ago. they added a lending system maby its a nice thing to for weapons so you can lend a gun for x hours for some money or free from a friend I think he's right about the using of midle man for people who love to trade im not going to wait 3 days.
  7. Great idea and nice to see you putting alot work into this to show your idea respect +1
  8. That mean it have to be trash now?
  9. @MattScott @LO_Beastie Would be nice if you look at Yukon to the prices are very low its bit useless how it is now would be nice if there would be a damage increase for long range use maby then it feels more balanced. for close range make it bit the same as S-AS PDW or a N-FA 9 and what about cap40, because they changed it to when they changed oca When you talk about the ntec are you going to change the ntec ursus to ?
  10. eazy-vinny

    Weapon Balance Changes - 1.19.6

    They didnt fix it, its unbalanced, hope they add some damage to markship mode or the gun is useless in my eyes.
  11. eazy-vinny

    Baylan A

    HVR wasn't to op it was nice that you can defend without changing the gun every stage. anyway if there was a refund button for the hvr now i would use it. its to risky now and complety useless can better use my volcano Yukon have high tk but its shitt to aim and a realy low tk on distance so NO its not OP its more a trash gun.
  12. eazy-vinny

    [Forum] Request your title here!

    Would be nice to have my main char there Eazyjob Thankyou.
  13. They where scared everyone would take the boat and leave ?
  14. If necessary, I have a host and can write i also have experience in php & javascript so if you need any help let me know
  15. Aahhh really really really really ... GREAT! To bad im not at home this weekend Will see it monday can't wait to see apb without those cheaters and have fair play. Thankyou !!