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  1. I love this!, only point i'm at the park at 4,20 can't come also probably to high.. but want those mini game decals to and would be hard to move my pc to the park, are those decals from the mini game also in the vip packet?
  2. When people get that kind of power they will abuse it for they own needs, so thats not the solution
  3. Yes, it is realy Anyoing, but its also anyoing that i can"t play with friends, because some off them like to play bronze disrict, and im always stuck on gold, my game play is not always the same, it depends how i feel that day or whatever, but everytime i feel like that i get forced to play against veterans or wired looking low lvl people who have a unhuman skills, so i dont blame them or me, i do blame the system, its completeley unstable and bugged asfk, i do not detreath because its unsupportive and i feel bad if i dissapoint my team mates and its bannable, but i think most of uss did some detreath before.
  4. Its was all just fine and peacefull , but then the fire nation attacked
  5. Spend around 5k, Best purchase joker cr5 Spend alot on joker boxes and it depends on the joker boxes if it was worth it so yeah some times i was happy with my purchase and sometimes i wasn't
  6. There a no ways to get G1C for free so far i know, you could get a paysafecard (if you want to figure out where you can buy them ) -> https://www.paysafecard.com/en-gb/buy/ goodluck
  7. Ooh yeah i remember one time i jumped over the truck "was realy lucky", they tried to block a spawn place, he was like, haha!, i was like hahahhaha!!!, anyway about the screen it isnt griefing, people need to have a bit fun time right.
  8. Believe they have more important things to do right now just be patient.
  9. Agreed Battle-eye have only a eye for 32-bit, its useless at moment its to easy to by-pass, Have trust in little orbit, they will find a fix and solve the problem for the most part.
  10. Better make a poll of this to ask this kind of question's. Answer : NO its not
  11. Thats a good idea, only the problem is there are phone numbers for free but i believe it wil reduce the amount of cheaters and won´t be that hard to setup for little orbit. a sms service isn't that expensive.
  12. Sure fastest way.... had to wait 3 months for a answer last time i tried that.
  13. i get where you came from add it to the pile. YES!, All he's scores are like this. every single round. he's not even trying to cover up he's cheating.
  14. Reported him everyday for a week now, still nothing changed. every scripting kid can make a cheat at the moment. I'm not going to be silent about it, also removed the names on the list so there is no name shaming or any attention for the cheater, I do not care about one cheating guy, Its just way to easy to bypass the recent anti-cheat, and its feels like there is no GM who's checking the report for weeks/months.
  15. If you believe that guy was legit. then you probably one of them or blind. Also i played a couple games there it was every round the same he always know where everyone is standing. no legit player can do that.
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