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  1. Its still the same issue because you still pay for it somehow, the problem is'nt the trade lock that's something they can't do anything about so i wont blame. but they can change it to be account wide that's not against the rules as so far i know. it feels like a punishment what we don't deserve its so unfair nothing to do with gamers first. its feels like gamers last =.=
  2. Hello everyone, When you from the Netherlands the legendary you brought would be locked on one character. I know its not possible to trade the item because of the government but i think its not fair to punish us and lock it on one character and all others can send it to any character they want so i would really love to see a change who is thinking the same ?. Let the legendary atleast be account wide or its not worth the money.
  3. I'm oke with the trade lock at the future all legendary are getting locked but i think they have to make it account bounded not character bounded i would like to hear what Mattscot thinks about this if he have any plans according to the situation.
  4. Thats true i tried a proxy got lucky with the new glory, now its stuck on my enforcer its not tradable and i can not send it to other chars at my account to play with looks like i waste my money so better as character life time it won't get unfair if you ask me, second thing i never enter my country somewhere so for people who think to login on at vacation in the Belgium or Netherlands don't do it there is a chance that all guns you ever get with the boxes got stuck to Question for @MattScott Are the legendary's going to be account bounded or only for one char and i have to retry getting it on all my chars ?
  5. I'm trying to promote the game at my friends but its hard when they keep dying, they have bad guns and no idea how to shoot most are veterans who played for years and know every good spot on the map some of my friends just rage quit not really a good start
  6. Hard to say every gun have he's bad side and good side, some not at the right place yet I didnt play with all legends but most of them i like the different playstyles atleast some of them just for fun, but if i want to play serius i would play ursus,i think some guns are not in the right place like cap40(its in long way nog equel to oca) also the orge changed to being even bad as the nfas everyone with only a nfas would kill the one with orge, the yukon is not at the right place but its close to be, anubis i do like the gun (playstyle) but the damage is bad and not worth it all snipers are better with 85% damage, like to see to reduce the range and increase of damage maby to a 2 shot like reaper but faster that would be nice, its important they might forgot they all legendarys (best of the categorie and have to be balaenced correcly in my opion) the condor have bad ttk but it might be balenced because of the ghost shots and full automatic, medusa tomuch recoil, huntress to much tap fire but balanced in someway, volcano might be a bit op because of the one shot kill at 100/98meters, i think i can tell a story about all of them, The weapons are not ready yet so its hard to say now, after the rebalanceing of some guns you have to ask agian.
  7. Yeah you are right the total fix will be there in couple of days can"t wait! I just was bit disapointed that after riot patch i wasnt ble to play stable, it would be a good future to separate follow content.
  8. Im sorry my bad! Im always following your post but somehow it also follows all on fallen earth, but still like to see a fix for the framedrops in apb
  9. I have the same problem some how i get frame drops from 80 to 10 never happend to me before the patch, the game crashed everyday now after the crash he start to scan all files takes 10min to fully scan, its anyoing as hell, sometimes i just quit because of that.
  10. I love this!, only point i'm at the park at 4,20 can't come also probably to high.. but want those mini game decals to and would be hard to move my pc to the park, are those decals from the mini game also in the vip packet?
  11. When people get that kind of power they will abuse it for they own needs, so thats not the solution
  12. Yes, it is realy Anyoing, but its also anyoing that i can"t play with friends, because some off them like to play bronze disrict, and im always stuck on gold, my game play is not always the same, it depends how i feel that day or whatever, but everytime i feel like that i get forced to play against veterans or wired looking low lvl people who have a unhuman skills, so i dont blame them or me, i do blame the system, its completeley unstable and bugged asfk, i do not detreath because its unsupportive and i feel bad if i dissapoint my team mates and its bannable, but i think most of uss did some detreath before.
  13. Its was all just fine and peacefull , but then the fire nation attacked
  14. Spend around 5k, Best purchase joker cr5 Spend alot on joker boxes and it depends on the joker boxes if it was worth it so yeah some times i was happy with my purchase and sometimes i wasn't
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