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  1. eazy-vinny

    Support is trash

    Believe they have more important things to do right now just be patient.
  2. eazy-vinny

    Today i was farming.....

    Agreed Battle-eye have only a eye for 32-bit, its useless at moment its to easy to by-pass, Have trust in little orbit, they will find a fix and solve the problem for the most part.
  3. eazy-vinny

    Is the Raptor OP ?

    Better make a poll of this to ask this kind of question's. Answer : NO its not
  4. Thats a good idea, only the problem is there are phone numbers for free but i believe it wil reduce the amount of cheaters and won´t be that hard to setup for little orbit. a sms service isn't that expensive.
  5. Sure fastest way.... had to wait 3 months for a answer last time i tried that.
  6. i get where you came from add it to the pile. YES!, All he's scores are like this. every single round. he's not even trying to cover up he's cheating.
  7. Reported him everyday for a week now, still nothing changed. every scripting kid can make a cheat at the moment. I'm not going to be silent about it, also removed the names on the list so there is no name shaming or any attention for the cheater, I do not care about one cheating guy, Its just way to easy to bypass the recent anti-cheat, and its feels like there is no GM who's checking the report for weeks/months.
  8. If you believe that guy was legit. then you probably one of them or blind. Also i played a couple games there it was every round the same he always know where everyone is standing. no legit player can do that.
  9. lol look at that score? and no its not a legit player. 76 kills?
  10. i just opend a topic + proof from citadel,
  11. I think little orbit need he's own artificial intelligence some algorithm to find cheaters Battyleeye is a waste of money ?
  12. There always will be cheaters is no excuse on this big scale ? can some one give me any information how long this will take ? im out. not coming back before Little orbit did something about those cheaters, its way to easy to bypass Battleeye on the moment. how longer it takes how more people will go and losing trust in little orbit. SO PLEASE, Find a solution!. Edit : WHY are we using Battleeye if its not support any 64 bits, ( Bron somewhere) Don't listen to retards who tell you that WinAPI is detected/detectable. They just don't want you to own them or trying to sell their "undetected" copy-pasted crapware with "unique" "bypass". APB version of BattlEye is pure garbage and does nothing anticheat related. Bastian might scan your favorite porn folder or steal your pornhub account credentials tho xD'
  13. ACT44 Golden Marksman PR1 only 1 Day 1DAYGOLDEN44 Joker CR-5 only 1 Day R1FLE4ADAY Domino Mask INCOGN1TO Tag Font Set 1WUZH3R3 4 coloured Hazardous Weapon Skins only for Colby M-1922 'Hazardous' HAZARDOUS Taunt Emote UWOTM8 2 Day Premium Code APBXMAS
  14. eazy-vinny

    New GamersFirst site

    Homepage looks realy nice and works responsive good job !
  15. I can't spend money on them. they removed the button to buy them.