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  1. These are definitely some things that need to be corrected and could be in no time flat. You are right about what you stated above and I am sure you got where I am going with my statements I suppose it is a little silly me comparing this to stuff like the other games. However we both know being old timers that when the game first came out was hot but was also ahead of its time. I still believe we can get that back and more if the cards are done right
  2. I understand quite a bit actually, my point being is those games are all still active and are actively growing and I believe this to have the same potential. Its rather sad to see a lot of people that don't think so. A lot might think I am silly to believe in such a thing however anything is possible. I know a lot of the older players even in the closed beta days who would be willing to come back if there were to be new content amongst other issues that were to be fixed
  3. Dear Matt, even though some of the community members have issues with the Anti cheat, I can understand your schedule conflict at the company. However what needs to happen in personal opinion, there needs to be more updates from you. Not just every few months but every month or at least every couple of weeks. There needs to be more GM activity in the districts keeping tabs on the potential "Cheaters" and toxic players in the community. There also needs to be at least new content every month or so that is released even if it is just "small" I would even say as to go as far as getting rid of fight club and adding a new map with new missions into the game with more contacts while focusing on the upgrade. I understand it takes a lot of resources and time to do that. But the more content you put out will keep some players and newer players from getting bored and quit playing. I know its a big difference but look at games such as like Call of duty or Fortnite there are a lot of cheaters in the games. However what keeps people playing new content is created every few months or so. Wanna get a little more in comparison? Look at Minecraft. Still going strong why? unlimited creation ideas. aka in a way new content A lot of people have even still asked for a racing district. Also another suggestion there needs to be something more to "clans" in APB having a clan in the game is kind of pointless without anything to gain from it. I would say start posting monthly suggestions and ask like above what the player base wants. It's kind of like reading a book over and over eventually it gets boring and you will want to read something else. "out with the old and in with the new" "Content is the key"
  4. It doesn't matter, I generally like helping people I make enough money as it is so might as well share some of the wealth and make things fun for people. Thank you! my apologies for posting in the wrong section lol
  5. Top winner will receive 100.00 via pay pal 2nd place will receive a legendary weapon from via my account Via Jericho 3rd place I will donate some Armas Market place credits for you're needs Rules are simple 1. Submit a photo of current outfit you are wearing in any server 2. Follow my twitch channel and let me know you followed 3. Also developers you are more then welcome to participate and interact with the community and show us some of you're outfit designs though just cause you are a developer do not expect favoritism as this is a fair contest. 4. also this contest will also be judged on likes from other players in the community not just my sole perspective so it remains fair!.
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