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  1. well thank you, so no one will ever see it and its doomed
  2. I do hardly believe there is no other game with the ability to be played and acted in a series as APB does. the characters, the world, the story, the consequences of the decay of a living city. Why its not done already yet ? You have storys with background on every Contact in APB, its free2play now; it was used to be a buy2play a.k.a "kind-of-early-2010s" service mmo with shooter elements and massive possibilities and opportunities to give a ton of background storys for unknown events and changes. As far as i had heared back in RTW days, they had even planed to make a movie. Sadly, we all and some of us experienced what happened to RTW. Little Orbit YOU can go for it Why not takin the opportunity to make the world of APB into a big somethin, instead of leaving it in the free2play nothin. The mass to create somethin is given. A series, made in the APB society; damn it, thats not something just "be-all-you-cant-be" nerds would watch. it has everything, freaky charackters, a fresh unconsumed setting, weapons, toxic muscular masculinity, strong independent female characters, cars, gangs and law enforcers, DAMN IT just put a Netflix created story background with cliffhangers on it! Go for it It has the opportunity, it owns what it should have for something like this A RTW Player with Netflix subscription
  3. Well, I would have totally missed it, so i give a thumbs up
  4. you are on the internet, don try to argue with someone who´s not takin it seriously
  5. Same for me, logging into APB Forums is also not possible. Tried on phone, not possible.
  6. damn bro. that was actually what i was expecting.
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