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  1. ticcitobygaming1


    A buff idea for the oblivion give it 25 more hp damage and very slightly lower the speed give it some 3 shot potential its such a cool sniper but never used just for the fact that it takes 4 shots to kill
  2. Tbh im fine with the botters in jericho its a good challenge for me
  3. yo hear me out what if, screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot
  4. yes cause i had to screenshot my screenshot cause i couldnt post it directly to the forums i had to post it to imgur
  5. https://imgur.com/gallery/dqPPNiU funny haha ntec
  6. use the pr2 and you get the good close to mid use i use it at every range and it works good
  7. when you can pull down just as fast on both it doest matter the recoil
  8. thats called recoil not bloom lol They are 2 entirely different parts of gunplay
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