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  1. my mom makes enough money that were right above the poverty line so we cant get me a new pc to upgrade me from my old laptop im on rn from 2016, i used to be able to run apb on high at 30 fps but its performance just went downhill to how it is now over the years. and some of us players with really bad fps dont need to be carried like me, i can hold my own just fine. as for the armas comment, ive put $55 into the marketplace, on cosmetics, 20k jt, and an aces long barrel along with a few other things. ^ i started playing apb back in 2012 when i was 9
  2. I mean its in beta, of course its gonna have issues, but those can be worked on while peeps play the beta
  3. apb is farrr from realistic when it comes to a lot of things bud lol don't think making guns be more realistic is anywhere near the top of their worries.
  4. ticcitobygaming1


    silenced osmaw or shaw
  5. I mean its 18+ for a reason XD
  6. ah welcome to the game dread im a long time player my main char is ticcitobygaming1 plus this ddos tho XD at least i can talk to my friends
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