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  1. They fixed the stutters and ddos problems, for all its flaws I can at least play the game with zero lags now
  2. Why are they incompetent
  3. Not necessarily remove it, but instead only allow it to be used 2 seconds after the last bullet hit you
  4. ok

    Armas/JT Store refund

    Non-premium trial is only 3 hours, which isn't enough to fully test a weapon
  5. ok

    Armas/JT Store refund

    Allow us to refund one weapon we purchased from ARMAS or the JT Store
  6. ^Makes you wonder what exactly is going inside the mind of a person that comes up with such dumb ideas
  7. Just make the player ragdoll like in GTA instead of instantly being out of the car and standing
  8. What even is the point in boring, long, repetitive posts if it's always the same 5 people that will bother replying
  9. GTA V going free is the reason for the pop drop
  10. Matt said it in the Q&A, it's only logical that once the new contacts arrive, the unlock trees would shift, so these new contacts would unlock stuff like the 3-slot Vegas and Fresno, and Birth/Ernst would unlock the 4 slot variants
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