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  1. If you notice even GM's like me rarely make a post on the forums. It is not directly that we want to ignore your forum mania the real reason is we have a policy which is against having anyone but certain Moderators and or staff to make posts since whoever is making a post will be representing the company by giving accurate information, and anwers.
  2. If you haven't figured this out I don't do things cause it is my whim to make a rule. The rules against the General Lee and the Confederate flag come from the higher ups themselves your argument is a mute point rules are rules whether you like it or not.
  3. It is unfortunate but support is swamped with countless tickets so could take awhile, but eventually we do find these folks in game we request they remove these symbols then the player puts them back on as soon as we leave. We catch them again and we can get it escelated eventually to a ban. https://extremismterms.adl.org/resources/hate-symbols/search?gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAoeGuBhCBARIsAGfKY7xlkb6oMWdLMTyk9KDf_ldwtzVxVIF0v049VgI5uUl67Ivne6tSlIQaAnvpEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds If you can find it in the above it is not allowed within our game does not matter what form you put it in. As for what started this entire topic I made no report on the (General Lee Car I observed at the time). This was to give players a chance to remove it themselves since most players were not aware of the change in stance.
  4. I did read some talk about the Russians with the Z or the one with the slash in it (These are not allowed either.) The trouble is for these symbols to be dealt with a GM must witness it in real time or a player must contact support via ticket or email to make a report the email is: Support@gamersfirst.com This goes for Ukraine political symbols which are also likewise not allowed within our game. Furthermore non-permitted obviously is anything to do with WW2 Germany and the like. Also of course the recent war between Israil and Palestine. I do not make the rules I just enforce the rules that Little Orbit has put in place and if LO doesn't want something in its game it won't be in game discuss all you like it is set in stone.
  5. It really isn't about the car itself I personally don't mind the car since I was a fan of the show long ago. However what is in question is the ConFederate Flag itself which is as Mack Mentioned Offensive to people of African American decent. I normally don't take time to write on forums but I felt I would explain the above.
  6. What a player believes, and what is the rules is two different ideals. In the end only LO can decide what is allowed and not allowed within their game.
  7. The ConFederate Flag its not really allowed anymore.
  8. Support tickets are never ignored. On a general they are answered within the order they are received. Perhaps you have a long wait ahead of you so grab a snack and a drink you will be here awhile.
  9. All of the above is very concerning. Please DM @Ritualand they can help you with any abuse you may be receiving from Volunteers or staff.
  10. Hope you get to feeling Better Mack best wishes. Also if you feel a LO GM is corrupt or have abused their power in any way feel free to DM @Ritual so they can properly investigate these claims.
  11. Yep gonna be the best and win the prize!
  12. Hello there I normally do not post on forums, However, If you or someone else believes they have been abused by a Volunteer GM or TGM or Staff member you have every right to DM @Ritual to report a member for abuse of power and get the action appealed.
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