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  1. So im starting to question these boxes, because i've opened 11 of them in the last 3 days, and only gotten joker tickets, thats 55$ for 1500 Joker Tickets, so, i wanted to know, are they bugged, or my luck is trash? p.s. Yes, i have a problem....
  2. Basically the glitch allows me to duplicate any theme that i've equipped, should i post it here, or should i post it on support, so people don't abuse it?
  3. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/1509-steam-exclusive-content/ Here's the answer
  4. Dipsty

    More slots on server ?

    Totally disagree, people would have to wait queue and they just wouldnt play, and thats it.
  5. Seems like a good idea, but maybe the prize should be different, it takes a long time to get max rank, so it would'nt be easy to abuse.
  6. 1. Engine Upgrade 2. Bug Fixes 3. Optimizations 4. New map 5. Adding new content
  7. Yeah its server sided bug its for everyone i guess, it was for me aswell
  8. Restarting the game will probably fix that, as its just client sided bug, atleast i think it is....
  9. @ehabosama Duude, the update's deadline isnt even here yet, its deadline is in 1:30hrs, and i still havent been unblocked aswell and they said i willl I bumpeed my ticket aswell and hope i didnt mess up.
  10. My account shows blocked aswell, just wait, its not even the deadline yet, and it will probably take about 24 hours to unban everyone
  11. I know i know, ive just been trying to get this account unblocked for a few years, and ive spent alot of time and money on it, so you could imagine i really want it to get unbanned...
  12. Then check if you have battleye already on your computer and uninstall it
  13. Hello and welcome to my first topic everyone... So i recieved a message from support that my old account will be unbanned after the servers go online, but my account on gamersfirst.com/myprofile it still says blocked, will i actually get unblocked, as some people said, if youre queued for it it will show Unblocked Soon, mine doesnt, im gonna trust support, and i actually hope that account will be unblocked, as it got compromised and blocked, what do you guys think? And do you have the same issue?
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