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  1. Happens every time as far as I'm aware. Just a bug in the new patch it'd seem. Happened to all four of us in the group.
  2. freq

    Bugged role

    Definitely not intended, that's the limited Valentines role. EDIT: Also seems to unlock upon mission completion regardless of how many kills you get
  3. Does nothing if you click on them, but still rather odd. Here's a screenshot:
  4. Yeah. It's always been a little wonky to me, getting in and out of a car always seems to work though.
  5. As stated in the Q&A and countless times on the forums by now, almost all cheat bans will be reversed sometime after BattlEye (the new anti-cheat) is implemented into the game.
  6. Be patient, the order tickets are answered in may not be chronological. Depending on the type of request, it may take longer to process.
  7. I've noticed that the past couple of days with Social especially.
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