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  1. 1. freqztah 2. Criminal, can do enforcer 3. Essence 4. Denmark 5. Female
  2. freq

    (GAME) 144 fps cap

    Not right now. We have a number of players who have expressed issues now that we raised it. Even thought their system *can* support the higher rate, they want to tune their system lower for better performance. I think we need to address that issue before we continue to raise the limit. The ideal implementation would be for us to be able to choose our own FPS cap. 101, 121, 145 etc.
  3. freq

    (GAME) 144 fps cap

    Hey Matt, any word on potentially raising it even higher?
  4. No, of course not. DDoS attacks are on a much bigger scale
  5. freq


    Good luck
  6. Thanks for the transparency, much unlike what we've seen before.
  7. My point being if you hit the EXACT same timing down to the millisecond every single time, you’re obviously using a macro.
  8. Unless it’s performing an action at variable intervals, it’s not too difficult to pick up on.
  9. freq

    [Game] Clan Progression

    Awesome work man, glad to see the thread back again. Hope LO will consider some of our suggestions in the near future
  10. Very happy to hear that you're open to the idea and testing it currently. Is there any word on what those requirements entail?
  11. Like pretty much everyone else has said there's very little reason to use anything besides a Pioneer/4x4. Would be cool to see other cars be rebalanced, perhaps that could spice up the mix a little bit.
  12. Definitely agree with this. There's too many issues in trying to unify two regions in one tournament
  13. freq

    Cheez and WEED Gang

    Cheez and WEED gang
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