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  1. Thaumaturge

    flowcharts for the feeble minded

    hey read this noobs...
  2. Thaumaturge

    Was it necessary GM?

    you knew what you were doing, nobody is gonna believe you were just "playing" the game, especially after posting the screenshot. just sat there for hours.
  3. Thaumaturge

    Rework the OSCAR

    well used to be, the reason the ntec is a big gun right now is because its not gimped by the dumbest design decision ever made in gaming rng spread its great when you lose a fight with a carbine when you track them perfectly and your bullets go to switzerland
  4. Thaumaturge

    Rework the OSCAR

    rework your mind look at the right side of this and take notes, if this is failing you it's a product of poor execution and/or poor play, be it positioning or aim.
  5. Thaumaturge

    Threat Levels in APB

    how is it more broken its literally the same thing displayed differently, the only difference is it made the game actually have something competitive to work for as gold right now isn't a challenge for anyone that can move a mouse. it also represented the difference between the real top tier players and the average golds, now when you get a gold and you are new you don't know if its someone actually good, or just a random gold. even though its the same thing, at least you would see your movement is my main point. right now there is nothing to work for in the game, at all, zilch, maintaining the high threat may give people a reason to play, i know it would for myself.
  6. Thaumaturge

    need a cheater alert system

    no its not, its an overlay. good meme, both this dumb patootie post and your title of "threat level diamond". as long as it doesn't modify the game files, it is allowed. (so shader crosshairs are not.) sorry to bust the bubbles of all the retards in this thread. ask mattscott/selali in discord or a GM ingame. you guys dolts or adults, get real man. one of you deserves to sleep in a twin bed for the rest of your life. also, OP, sorry, but you don't have the knowledge or the skill level to know if someone is streaming with cheats, especially considering what you posted isn't even related to cheats. If you think someone is cheating, how about you stop being s'fuzzy bunny and hit the report button on twitch and report them ingame. and hey everyone, i'm a bad person. sorry if i hurt your feelings but dumb posts like these exhaust me mentally.
  7. Thaumaturge

    Today i was farming.....

    you are wrong, and don't know what you're talking about. refer to my previous posts because im getting real tired of typing this shit out so an idiot can understand it. when you say you understand anticheats, and particularly battleeye. you aren't wrong about 32 bit being less effective, and while it is a significant difference, its not the end all be all of detection. and most of the idiots in here thinking googling battleeye bypass means its easy, which is literally the same thing as googling aimbot, you get a lot of results but you don't immediately think its easy to get past every anticheat. I also know you're gonna ask this so i'm gonna answer this. I don't work for them, I had a roommate for three years who worked in the industry. No, but, I know about the technology they use, considering they set the standard in the anticheat industry right now, so, pretty much every "mainstream" anticheat company if you will takes ideas and methods from others, and it's pretty easy to notice that a good business will have its competitors watching them, and what made BE what it is today is the way it detects cheats with heuristics like certain anti-malware programs detect new forms of malware with heuristics. You don't have any experience outside of ARMA and basic server/community administration and likely content creation, not sure why you bothered even writing the latter half of that paragraph.
  8. Thaumaturge

    What if false bans never got solved?

    a false cheating ban and a false chargeback, how does a false chargeback even happen, exactly?
  9. Thaumaturge

    Explanation of recent bans

    yup i just mean this has been almost a daily occurence for me as these are like background logoff macros/price check macros you wouldnt know are there unless you hit the binds for them and i have never had any issues, and i've played path since forever, well before BE was even added, and still play through it so no idea but i'm still here.
  10. Thaumaturge

    What if false bans never got solved?

    i play with many many many very skilled players, none of them got banned. One of them has even streamed without the anticheat hook, so..... you know who I know got banned? someone who cheats, was recently banned for cheating, has 5? fairfight bans, and one punkbuster ban under his belt, and his friends. hmm, makes me think, actually, now that i think about it, everyone that i know that actually got hit with a ban has a previous vac ban on record, and multiple previous bans in apb, but they were "never cheating". yeah bro, i just got hit because i used a prestige hack in MW2, alright buddy. interesting. Fairfight bans? I get that, We do know Tiggs went a bit nuts, banned a few people for streamsniping for "cheating", that sortve thing. BE bans? Yeah, GL, lowest false positive rate in the industry for the type of anticheat it is. Not to mention, everyone i've seen has many bans under their belt already who were hit by it, and that kinda kills all credibility. @zyde According to your post history, also looks like you were "banned for no reason" sometime in september or before it. ok buddy. id search you up on the old forums or on ffbans or your steam too but, then again, you did change your name for this forum specifically too so you likely have bad history. I mean I know you said your internet nickname in your post history was Vail, but that forum account on the old forums has 0 posts. "just a pro" just to make a point to people that don't know, you should take a gander at how rare false positives actually are, even with the worst anticheats. it's less than 3-4%, and, you'll notice, most of the people in APB that claim they were falsely banned have been banned a lot, usually multiple times in APB like this dumbass, and many have multiple APB bans + vac bans + bans in other games, because, they like a big ego they didn't earn.
  11. Thaumaturge

    Explanation of recent bans

    nope. i play HC path, and i commonly end up running APB with several macros for path open all the time, sometimes i get kicked for it, sometimes i play for a bit before it kicks me, and sometimes I turn them off, and I didn't get banned.
  12. Thaumaturge

    Explanation of recent bans

    no dude xXkenSASHi475Xx is still playing, hes silver and I SWEAR he was spinbotting with an ursus dude......... u hAVE to believe me bro im GOLD... c,mon bro... he killed one dude at render distance CMON bro ADMIT it... this game is FULL of hackers...... some dude was sitting inside of a wall dual wielding osmaws dude.... - your average forum poster
  13. Thaumaturge

    Quick Tips

    there are configs that allow for this and yes you hit the edit button it really doesn't matter what you bind camera swap to as long as you use it and realize its important. third one also isn't entirely right considering there is a time and a place for it. nor are these in the spirit of my thread and what it was going for.
  14. Thaumaturge

    Jericho Police Chase/Car Show Event

    end it now