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  1. how are you even bronze my 60+ year old dad was gold after a week of playing by himself when this game was 3x its size and you encountered better players far more you only improve if you get your shit pushed in, and you only improve if you want to
  2. ITT: preteen with an overabundance of free time complains loudly on public forum to the surprise of literally everyone, apparently.
  3. It's actually pretty obvious how to handle this, stop seeking attention OP and reporting bottom of the barrel players, as you used to do. Does nothing but waste support staffs time.
  4. why 255? why not 195 for top tier mods? why not 80 for certain vehicles? lol
  5. no they don't. if you're gonna be a shitty pers, or you have a poor attitude, or you rage you will get streamsniped. there are some people who will do this off stream frequently, and leaving people that aren't in the know wondering why they get streamsniped. summit was one of those people who would shittalk people who beat him, off stream, in whisper constantly. using my personal experience here, at least from the last two years, every time i streamed as a "known" player (prime "streamsniping target", especially with my ego), i've been streamsniped one time. everything else i agree, this streamer was a shitty pers, got what he deserved. company he kept was moronic at best too.
  6. the apb community is so clueless it literally blows my mind what Zombiebiscuit posted: Step 1. Go to bronze District Step 2. Destroy Greens and Bronzes Step 3. Hit silver Step 4. Go to Silver district Step 5. Get destroyed and whine Step 6. Go back to Bronze district Step 7. Destroy Greens and Bronzes again Step 8. Get opp better than you Step 9. Complain then rage quit was what the guy was doing guy deserved it, new players actually get the help they need when they arent assholes. refer to @Asu @claude youre about 4 years out of meta buddy
  7. itt: idiot who has played the game for 10 years and is barely gold accuses someone of moderate skill level of cheating other people talk about previous idiot who got a staff position because of idiots above him
  8. more likely they have different development teams working on different things
  9. FTFY also you aren't aware the disadvantages of a macro, who is max ROFIng you? a silver? secondly how you dying to it? you a speshul?
  10. No. It was immediately obvious it was going to be a no. This community harbored extreme negativity towards battle royale, and thats what RIOT is, a slightly changed battle royale. On top of that, it doesn't fit in the game. Once we get down into the grit, it showcases everything wrong with the game, like the spawn system. I had actually wrote a five paragraph reply as to why RIOT is a heaping pile of garbage, and just changed it to this. I like LO, but I don't understand why this decision was made at all.
  11. It's uh, pretty obvious that players maintaining a monthly subscription will be your ideal majority income. I, at least, think it should be, and in order to make it so the benefits should be appropriate and not as they are currently... The current benefits of premium: You can get an insane advantage with orange mods Can actually customize your character properly XP + Money boost. Heres what i propose: Increase the symbol limitations for non-premium players a bit, to at least 10 so they can properly dip their feet in the kiddie pool here. Add a customization limit to the music studio (this will be vastly unpopular, but hey, most of the wealth in this game is controlled by theme makers, who aren't premium, who also spend most of their time ingame, making themes.) Make the current premium CD on orange mods base, and do not give premium an advantage in this regard Increase base joker ticket gain a fair bit overall, add 25% more for premium players. - Go back to adding community material to the joker store, and guess what, you can now only get the community made material if you're premium. Extended marketplace listing times for premium players A selection of three skins that rotate monthly that premium players are free to use on their weaponry. (They don't get it permanently, just random skins each month) Suggestions requiring a lot more work: Premium players getting priority district entry (if a queue system is introduced) Automated relisting of duplicated item upon sale (Would require UI/Marketplace rework) As for making the current benefits more valuable: Decrease amount of $ required to purchase weaponry across the board, as it's pretty much impossible to maintain multiple 3 slot weaponry as a non premium. Instead, make it possible, and make the ammo more expensive.
  12. ok, please leave faster and without a thread next time
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