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  1. no you didn't. a cheat/macro that does that would LITERALLY make the game unplayable outside of the situation where he is barely peeking. more than likely you went into that match with an implicit bias the guy was cheating and then you used situations like that to confirm your belief and forgot about all the other times it didn't happen. arguably the biggest problems with this game has been the removal of the appropriate threat system so players genuinely had a gauge of how good someone was (yes, g7+ players fighting g1-5's is the equivalent of a gold fighting a bronze in skill difference.) how unclear the third person camera can make certain engagements, the poor servers g1 threw up about 3 or 4 months into their ownership of the game that have caused hitreg issues ever since
  2. I'm still waiting. I miss some of you. I hate the OP.
  3. You seem to misunderstand something. Most good players, i'd even argue and say "good" players play like that because it is the most optimal way to play. They aren't tryharding, it's just the natural way to play the game. After a point playing like that is simply habit. APB has devolved into this: Stomping morons who can barely operate a mouse 95% of the time, and getting good opp the other 5% of the time.
  4. I'll be eagerly watching and hopefully returning because of this. Thanks. @CookiePuss Missed you bud.
  5. how are you even bronze my 60+ year old dad was gold after a week of playing by himself when this game was 3x its size and you encountered better players far more you only improve if you get your shit pushed in, and you only improve if you want to
  6. ITT: preteen with an overabundance of free time complains loudly on public forum to the surprise of literally everyone, apparently.
  7. It's actually pretty obvious how to handle this, stop seeking attention OP and reporting bottom of the barrel players, as you used to do. Does nothing but waste support staffs time.
  8. why 255? why not 195 for top tier mods? why not 80 for certain vehicles? lol
  9. no they don't. if you're gonna be a shitty pers, or you have a poor attitude, or you rage you will get streamsniped. there are some people who will do this off stream frequently, and leaving people that aren't in the know wondering why they get streamsniped. summit was one of those people who would shittalk people who beat him, off stream, in whisper constantly. using my personal experience here, at least from the last two years, every time i streamed as a "known" player (prime "streamsniping target", especially with my ego), i've been streamsniped one time. everything else i agree, this streamer was a shitty pers, got what he deserved. company he kept was moronic at best too.
  10. the apb community is so clueless it literally blows my mind what Zombiebiscuit posted: Step 1. Go to bronze District Step 2. Destroy Greens and Bronzes Step 3. Hit silver Step 4. Go to Silver district Step 5. Get destroyed and whine Step 6. Go back to Bronze district Step 7. Destroy Greens and Bronzes again Step 8. Get opp better than you Step 9. Complain then rage quit was what the guy was doing guy deserved it, new players actually get the help they need when they arent assholes. refer to @Asu @claude youre about 4 years out of meta buddy
  11. itt: idiot who has played the game for 10 years and is barely gold accuses someone of moderate skill level of cheating other people talk about previous idiot who got a staff position because of idiots above him
  12. more likely they have different development teams working on different things
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