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  1. It's uh, pretty obvious that players maintaining a monthly subscription will be your ideal majority income. I, at least, think it should be, and in order to make it so the benefits should be appropriate and not as they are currently... The current benefits of premium: You can get an insane advantage with orange mods Can actually customize your character properly XP + Money boost. Heres what i propose: Increase the symbol limitations for non-premium players a bit, to at least 10 so they can properly dip their feet in the kiddie pool here. Add a customization limit to the music studio (this will be vastly unpopular, but hey, most of the wealth in this game is controlled by theme makers, who aren't premium, who also spend most of their time ingame, making themes.) Make the current premium CD on orange mods base, and do not give premium an advantage in this regard Increase base joker ticket gain a fair bit overall, add 25% more for premium players. - Go back to adding community material to the joker store, and guess what, you can now only get the community made material if you're premium. Extended marketplace listing times for premium players A selection of three skins that rotate monthly that premium players are free to use on their weaponry. (They don't get it permanently, just random skins each month) Suggestions requiring a lot more work: Premium players getting priority district entry (if a queue system is introduced) Automated relisting of duplicated item upon sale (Would require UI/Marketplace rework) As for making the current benefits more valuable: Decrease amount of $ required to purchase weaponry across the board, as it's pretty much impossible to maintain multiple 3 slot weaponry as a non premium. Instead, make it possible, and make the ammo more expensive.
  2. ok, please leave faster and without a thread next time
  3. shotgun spread does not work the same anymore. you actually dont have a single remote clue as to what you're talking about. and i am done posting here
  4. because you aren't matching the ttk, each will have their niche and it was like that previously years ago, and nobody had an issue. it seems to actually be a commonly requested suggestion from a lot of veteran discussions. (referring to shotguns/pmg) not to mention, the range was referring to the damage dropoff (i shouldve clarified), not the spread on the shotguns, which works in its own way independently of other weapons and would seriously hinder it compared to every other mid range gun. (and this guy just said shotguns are op, wow LOL.) so no, if you had any idea how shotgun spread works, you wouldn't be twoshotting at 40m if the damage dropoff was raised, not to mention, the pmg isn't even good at 40 meters. and youd be using it because it has its own style of play, is successful at close-mid range, and will outperform an oca past that range every time, while still being relatively competitive with an OCA in its bracket. i actually wish you would seriously read my fucking post bro
  5. okay, in that case, maybe try being a bit constructive and give a reason, other than a dumb meme video? both are stupid easy to use, the 45 is a straight upgrade in every way except the clip size, which is largely irrelevant for any good player. it's also not readily accessible for many players, which is an issue in and of itself. i'm just gonna stop replying to you, i'm not sure you understand what you're talking about. my post literally stated i wanted to return to previous archetypes of having close, medium, and long range secondaries, and that it was important that existing guns (which would include the act44 and rsa), like the RFP, do not outclass primaries.
  6. FBW/45 should have matching TTK's, and it should be increased just a tiny bit via firerate changes if the below change is added you wanna think critically about the suggestion i wrote immediately below that line of text, or am i putting it here?
  7. ok, go visit apbdb, look at the act 44, look at the fbw "hurr durr why dont people use the act 44" "because its inaccurate" oh so lets buff the accuracy "hey look my act 44 can compete in cqc almost just as good as the fbw" not to mention, the fbw already wasn't broken when it was 5 shot. think critically moron.
  8. couple things 1: this game needs more accuracy, not less. anyone proposing less accuracy needs to rethink a lot of decisions in their life, especially those i see that have posted this here, but whine about spread RNG in the APB discord constantly. A better solution was already made and implemented for us, called damage dropoff. Get with the program. 2. its not that a few guns are overpowered, its just everything else was way overnerfed. its important LO starts small, here are some changes i'd like to see, preferably implemented one or two at a time for feedback so they can be modified before adding more as opposed to all at once. OCA TTK buff from G1 removed. PMG made more accurate Important that the OCA will always out TTK the PMG, but the PMG remain competitive at that middle "cqc" distance, and will succeed in outranging it. CSG/JG should match the PMG in range, as it used to do. Refraining from comment on NFAS/DOW until observations on cqc are made with the above changes Carbine should have far steeper damage drop off, and should be much more accurate than it is now. OSCAR should have its damage dropoff steepened as well. FBW/45 should have matching TTK's, and it should be increased just a tiny bit via firerate changes if the below change is added ACT 44/RSA/Long Range Sidearms in general need to be made much more accurate, but still have damage dropoff occur coming out of medium range so they don't out contest long range weaponry ttk wise. You also want the above change to occur in this scenario, or youd have the modern NTEC problem but with a pistol. all RFP variants need to have damage dropoff steepened significantly, they should not be replacing primaries in their own right, and consider upping the TTK via firerate so they also cannot dominate other close range weapons. STAR should be made a tiny bit more accurate. these are the big ones i'd like to see. thank u
  9. careful bro people here dont like that attitude.... especially since there are a lot of people in this thread who play exclusively NA
  10. this was the feedback i was looking for thank u
  11. all footage gathered in 24 hours playtime and i was too lazy to put in more roast me
  12. gotta keep in mind server differences its not like that at all on NA (yet certain people posting in here about cheaters also play on NA, and i don't want to necessarily call them out, but, some of them are the same people that call me a cheater multiple times a day, and most of the golds they encounter.)
  13. are you actually trolling? the only one that is effective past 15-20 meters at max rof is the obeya
  14. literally nobody macros in this game why the fuck would you LOL holy shit please think this through "im going to max rof my semi auto weaponry so that way i can't kill anyone past 10m when the bloom peaks"
  15. past few days i've seen a seemingly huge increase in silvers who think everyone else is cheating
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