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  1. Ah, yea already fixed seems. My bad
  2. Premium expired for everyone today
  3. Since you wanna ignore what I said twice,I won't bother anymore.
  4. Sorry I tried to be any kind of help at all man, sheesh.. I also clearly noted they're only offering the 2019.
  5. When you open the armas market page, it's right at the botom left. They're only offering the 2019 bundle.
  6. The large population is on eu. Jericho has very slim pop. But eu has probably 2-3 times more toxicity also
  7. Or, you could grind for some cash and buy some of those off the in game market. I have one set of legendaries I just mail to my enf/crim depending on what one I want to play on. Most of them came off the marketplace. 3 - 5 mil for a gun might be easier than 50k joker tickets if all you do is dailies. Idk I'm just offering a suggestion. I know not all guns are found on the in game auctions all the time on jericho. Lately I question why I even log on the game at all in its current pop. It just makes me bitter due to a select few treating me the same way everyday.
  8. I'm just gonna assume you say "u" In a gerneralized term, since I've always tried to be nice to you. And I've said about myself on numerous occasions I'm pretty garbage and teeter between silver and gold by default, not on purpose. I agree and dislike the districts the way they are. But everytime i see you, you judge me because you see me gold, not silver.
  9. He's referring to the current no threat district as bronze. He thinks the bronze district has just been a hostile take over.
  10. Guess I worded it wrong, my bad wasn't implying anyone was bad. I was just making a general statement.
  11. Whoo yea that community is so toxic, but not this statement lol
  12. Just because you can't counter it doesn't mean it should be removed. Asking to remove weapons just goes downhill. Just my opinion. There's tons of weapons that piss me off but if you want a battle Royale with cookie cutter weapons there's tons of other games that do that.
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