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  1. p prolific video detailing how a significant population of furries are pedophiles or very close to it also, id like to hunt furries for sport since they identify as animals. also this is a dumb thread also please stop shitposting with your GIANT patootie polarbear pictures, jfc, its like you literally do it just because you want to be as obnoxious as possible, its to the point where i wonder if the mods would punish me for posting a 1440p sized picture every time i made a post. theres literally no fucking point.
  2. Virgil

    gamer LF clan on EU

    dont be patootie at the game, be relatively active if u fit this criteria id like to try to join thank u
  3. not really accurate nor good to live by for about 99% of anything. communication moves the world.
  4. A GM clarified this in a mission district last night, I did not take a screenshot of it however, so you will have to take my word for it. (GM MacGraham) "As long as it doesn't modify the game files it is okay." "What does that mean?" you might ask. Well, a shader crosshair modifies the game files, so it is not allowed, however, Playclaw overlay, Overwolf overlay, Mumble overlay, certain monitor crosshairs, sharpie dots, etc are allowed because they don't touch the game files.
  5. None of what i said isn't possible, is in this video? Am i missing something? lol. There are multiple forms of speedhacks, the one featured in your video was when there was a bug that allowed you to increase your clockrate while running windows vista to speed up the game. Yes, that is the actual bug. Yes, you can ask Epicgoat, Adrianna, Kellyq, or Nocturnal yourself to confirm this. There was no monitoring for speed at this time, using an awful "Anticheat" where bans were issued by developers, and not by the software. There are other forms of speedhacks still available, the ones I've seen usually end up being banned... because BattleEye, just like any modern anticheat, bans in waves because it is the most efficient and productive form of doing so. I can also say for certainty you aren't experiencing this that often, because out of the 40 people that regularly sit in my discord, most of whom are on the game at least 5 or more hours a day, haven't seen anything remotely suspicious more than a handful of times since BE was added. A handful of them also stream their entire game sessions, every time they play if you want video evidence of that. It's also pretty obvious you just went out and found a super blatant and old example, again providing no evidence of your own to further your obvious bullshoot. I know who you think cheats, and I can assure you none of them are flying around the map. You don't know what youre talking about, again, and your example has nothing to do with the engines limitations, considering i specifically referenced you with this prior to that post when you claimed to be shot through walls and getting min-ttked every time. The engine can give you the illusion that you are getting min-ttk'd when people are actually missing. I do however fully realize replying to you is a completely futile task, as, you are going to promptly end up ignoring me when you run out of things to throw a tantrum about, and then go back to spewing the same misinformed arrogant bullshoot in other threads, further scaring off new players because you again, have not the slightest clue what you're talking about and are not remotely experienced enough to know if someone is cheating or not, especially in a game riddled with as much bugs, RNG, and general bullshoot as APB.
  6. all of the people you are complaining about complain about all of that much more than you, i assure you. you, STILL, have nothing to back up what you say other than your personal opinion.
  7. let me try again because you think they are cheating =/= they are cheating and by engine limitations, this game can only send so much information at a time, which is why you may engage in fights where you actually don't even see missed bullets when they are actually missing if you watch it from their perspective. the client side information you receive is false, incorrect, and not at all representative of the actual handling of the server, for instance, bullet impacts are all wrong. A cheater cannot modify recoil or accuracy nor projectile travel time/curvature or anything of the sort, same with health, all of these are handled server side. you do not know what you are talking about at all and it shows, clearly. its time to stop.
  8. It's still there. You are just accusing people with no basis of doing so and wondering why it gets removed. Hackusating with no proof, in other words. Makes the game look bad because you can't grasp fundamental engine limitations as i've explained before.
  9. Virgil

    Quick Tips

    another quick tip if you think you should ever use the act 44 or the RSA, you shouldn't. also primarily a bump as ive seen a lot of new and returning players.
  10. Because i play with some high skill individuals. There are a few who have played other games at a professional, salaried level, well known for their aim that have tried APB out and just been slammed with cheater cheater cheater cheater constantly. It's a compliment to him, sure. To new players, it makes the game look like its filled with cheaters, when it's really not. However, lets say we have a repeat of the Tiggs incident where someone gets fairfight banned for "cheating" when the real root cause was streamsniping as she warned for you it. Then it damages that person's reputation. It's not a healthy mindset to think everyone is cheating. I understand the game has limitations that make people look super suspect. It ruins your growth as a player, and it can be damaging to someones reputation. It also scares away new players. Maybe you found an actual cheater, I don't know, but you shouldn't come into a new players thread and just say only cheaters can be good with this gun, because it's not true, and again, looks terrible for the game.
  11. let me introduce your small mind to the concept of proper ranges both fight clubs are CQC/Mid range fights if you use an HVR there, with the removal of quickswitching, you will be at a disadvantage permanently. why would you use an HVR in those scenarios? go to a mission district, you'll see them plenty. jesus christ use some critical thought
  12. Remind me what I did exactly? It had nothing to do with cheating on vvirgil (as im guessing what you think happened?), and i'll openly admit to what I did and I can get the classic recording of what I did too that was specifically referenced in my support ticket. You are deluded and actually have not the slightest clue what you're talking about when it comes to the OSCAR and thats fact.
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