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  1. @MattScott what about Bacon FC map? Any chance of comeback of it? Riot will be probably sth like anarchy district i hope so, it was hell fun
  2. Many of you are gonna disagree and hate me there for it but honestly yukon was made just to force people buy boxes and its broken on purpose.. Imo this weapon should be removed from game completly and players compensated in cash or sth else... Whe you look at the overall ballance of guns, yukon just doesnt belong here and with current server performance you have 0 chance to fight yukon or corners
  3. Problem with most of players are seeing the actual rank.. Look at the gold player score he played worse than your silver teammate... Golds playing in bronze districts are mostly lame noobs who can play worse than a good silver player.. So sit down play and try to step up
  4. Ballance? Nerf ntec in cqc, nerf hvr hard and mainly stamina dmg, nerf oscar range. Ballance finished
  5. Well some players are fishy anyway.. Mainly those: "came back after 2 year break" and totally rekting everyone instantly... + i am sure mouse macros are not being detected i saw yesterday a guy in asylum with oscar shooting that quick i never seen anyone before
  6. Since MM is bad for some people and maybe with potential beginners coming into APB what about making all districts open conflict for now? till new MM will come
  7. N0rbat


    I am 21 years old Playing apb for pretty long time with a ton of breaks, stopped playing around year ago since game was going to absolute dust and nightmare now i would love to join clan like you are, i know you are the best of the best and that is why i wanna join i was in several clans before and i just want to move to a higher tier, get better plays, enjoy playing alongside with the best and most experienced players ingame now.
  8. for me? i would actually be intersted for any change since it might be refreshing for game.. only change i want is to finally change n-tec meta ..
  9. Uhm what do you talk about? In mission districts i rarely see anyone cheating.. There are some known cheating clans and names still running around sadly but time will tick out for them once I saw one known cheater in FC yesterday sadly he is still not banned closet but i hope one day he will pay off... But for me game feels cleaner than in last few years
  10. I definetly agree with dmg inside a car even with 90% reduction... This will stop car gamaplayers to just peek and when 85 sit in a car and drive around.. Even item hold mission i would restrict some area for it to avoid placing item in a nulander and 4x4 behind it pushing it... Make ViP mission like in asylum that both sides have 1 vip
  11. I hope for som car reballance so 4x4 and human shield nulander wont be meta anymore
  12. cool you focused on servers and health of the game first... cool to see that and looking forward into everything else. very excited for weapon reballance if you will put it first on OTW that would be cool
  13. thanks for quick and accurate respone
  14. sorry if this was already asked but i didnt maybe catch it.. is it possible to merge ingame accs? i have 2 accounts now and if there is possibility of merging them into one... would love to see an answer directly from @Lixil thanks...
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