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  1. Understandable, thank you very much for this information!
  2. Thanks for fast reply, But I mean if someone were to look at some kind of logs or anything surrounding viewing another player. Wouldn’t they see the consistency that a macro may have vs a normal hand movement. Example: if I were to set one to shoot every 215 Milliseconds. Instead of me just shooting normally?
  3. I had a question about using macros. I recently bought a steelseries rival 700. This mouse has its own program that offers endless customization (including in-depth macros). I know in games like csgo it’s no biggie. I’m not too sure about using anything like that in apb though. It comes pre set with a mouse1 auto fire and I was wondering if anything like that can get me banned. I did a brief search online and it’s in a blank place, with some arguing it is and it’s not. If like a GM or someone who knows what their doing could let me know that would be great thanks. EDIT: I’m not saying just for shooting spam, I’m just talking about macros in general. Like jumping or anything along those lines.
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