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Found 12 results

  1. Okay, so can someone in charge tell me why on the launcher LO doesn't have up to date information. Just like this extended time of servers being down. Some people don't know to come to forums for information. Latest news and updates it 'says'. Last listing was from August Would make more sense if you had it listed in launcher messages. You probably have a large % of players that think the game is shutdown even. I and everyone else in APB appreciates your efforts, but lets take it a step further and do as I am suggesting. It only makes sense. I have had to tell at least a dozen people it isn't shutdown, that you guys are doing some kind of updates. Lixil I expect you will be where I will get an answer for this or excuse/reason. Have a great day APBers. Much love to all and Happy Thanksgiving
  2. I think that it would be much better to have intelligent servers, that is now the servers Financial and Waterfront have a max of slot to 120 (60 crim and 60 enf) but if the servers Missions-Financial-1 and Missions-Financial-2 are full and the another one Missions-Financial-3 is with 2 crim and 3 enf, this is a problem, i think is a better the full servers transfer the some players. Example!!!, The server: Missions-Financial-3 have 3 crim and 2 enf, the server Missions-Financial-2 have 55 crim and 60 enf, the server Missions-Financial-2 transfer 12 crim and 13 enf on the server Missions-Financial-3, so now the server have 15 crim and 15 enf, it is easier to start missions, but this without the game disconnecting from the server for connect to the other one, but this with a sync without loading screens, something you don't even notice. All this to avoid being alone and getting bored on almost empty servers. Sorry for my english, I'm italian @MattScott
  3. Guest

    Please read this.

    This is starting to get ridiculous social district is being booted off on xbox and for some reason the other districts are up and sometimes only one district is up little orbit has to investigate this issue. For god's sake monitor the xbox more I feel like the xbox is being neglected non stop and no staff does anything about the districts being booted off I'm really losing my patience since this has been going on for weeks/months now. It seems like you have hostile players who are taking more authority then the new owners of this game which is terrible. Not just that but the social district is really important for the apb's xbox economy but since it's down like 90 percent of the time the economy on the xbox apb is downgrading severely. Or at least bring the market place kiosks to the mission districts along with the clothing kiosks.
  4. I just returned from my nearly a year without (somewhat) beloved APB. And the only reason for this is this hype around the new 'second chance' for APB. And the very first day I arrived I saw dozens of people doing nothing except aimboting, wallhacking and even speadhacking. Doing it explicitly and without any shame. Like there is nothing wrong with it and this game we are playing was created to be played that way. Some of them even advertized resources on which they took their soft on. Is that a new reality of APB right now? Like, what can players do about it if creators do not care that much? (yet?) I do have screenshots of this nonsense (AND BY SCREENSHOTS OF NONSENSE I MEAN PUBLICLY ADVERTISING RESOURCES WITH CHEAT PROGRAMS WHILE PRESUMABLY CHEATING AND ADMITTING THAT) but I miserably fail to figure out how to attach pictures at this high-tech forum :C
  5. In first one, there has to be a game mode, where the players are free to kill each other around with random main objetives like vip or holds and when completed being majorly rewarded with level to a random contact or stuff, and secondary objetives like investigate or steal this rewarded with stuff and low level on a contact without having to wait for the mission, have more ideas for this game mode, but first it would be a good start with that. This request is due to the dead play in the districts and the boring repetitive missión's. there has to be a free mode or sandbox mode where it allows the player to do whatever it thinks and gain something. In second one, is to join all servers into one master server or to have the capacity to transfer between them, this because it is to have more player's and not have dead districts in the game, plus the suggestion before it would have a benefit, most people found boring the game because of this.
  6. I'm not up to speed, obviously. For some reason NA Jericho was offline last night for the Nekrova-Citadel merge, which I accepted but still don't understand. And now the game won't load for me. I simply don't know what is going on. And the message makes little sense. Can anyone clarify what the PC servers being Partially Online means? Merged. Well, I guess it means "kinda"... cause I've kinda been in-game for 40 minutes. It just threw me I guess, after last night. Had no idea there were 3 server states. But there we have it: Offline, Partially Online, and Online. If a moderator wants to close or remove this thread, go for it.
  7. Getting disconnected since yesterday.
  8. Are you tired of getting snipped because there's no cover in 100 m around? Do you need something to cover your retreat? Do you want to lag your enemies because the game is optimized like a potatoe? Then we need Smoke grenades.
  9. I can't seem to find a lot of specifics about the 1.30 Open Beta, was it only for February? Its currently 8:06 Monday and the game says the EU server is offline, I assume the NA server is offline too because neither are showing a ping after character creation.
  10. As matchmaking is developed and begins to include cross-server matching, what will become of trading and the marketplace? As easy as it would be to declare the storage load too great and simply disallow trading and sales between characters that don't share a server, I would consider it a mandatory feature, to add to the process of pooling the player-base, that access to the marketplace, trading, whispers, friends lists, and mail are cross-server, as well. Unless the intention for cross-server matchmaking is to never display player symbols nor chat messages from your teammates, much less allow you to add cross-server friend or ignore list entries, I see little reason that these features would involve inventing an entirely new system. I'm sure it's more complicated than I'm making it sound, but I'm sure the LO team is acutely aware of the massive draw that this game's unparalleled customization has for its ability to give players a place to build an identity, an ego, and a cultivatable alternate self that keeps them coming back to play the base game despite the many modern alternatives to it. When could we expect to see these implemented in relation to the matchmaking system? Any insight or even musings are appreciated. PS: Thanks for keeping this thing alive, LO.
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