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  1. Mountie SF9 'Yukon' Finally, when adding the new rifling effect for testing, I came across the Yukon bug (fire rate increase of the mod affecting hip fire), so I've fixed that while I was in there. I mentioned previously that this patch is primarily for improving weapons, but considering it's an error that was easily fixable, it made sense to fix that at the same time. This does mean it has an effective full-auto fire rate nerf from 0.045 (which is what it bursts at) to 0.078 (the actual fire rate of the base weapon). 0.078? Is that a typo? Or it kills in less than 1 hundredth of a second?
  2. Dude. Shut up. Its not like I'm screaming "WOLF!" withouta reason. I literally yesterday saw a dude named *snip* or something like that who teleported all around baylan sipping storage fight club and had like 10 kills on 1st minute of the game. I personally h8 people who call good players a cheater. But after playing this game for 4+ years i know what the obvious cheater looks like. Also, I wanted to point that out that the reason I started this topic is I wanted to know if there is any option players can take in this situation. Cuz' waiting does nothing as we all can tell right now. I mean - I'm waiting for BE as much as you all do too. Just didn't want to play a game only on social district.
  3. Still doesn't mean thay have no GMs/moderators/whatever_the_f_its_called to get rid of people crossing all lines. I mean thats obvious temporary measure which makes community so much healthier.
  4. Screenshots can easily prove the fact of advertising 3rd party resources with cheat programs on it for example. Thats what I wanted to attach originally.
  5. I just returned from my nearly a year without (somewhat) beloved APB. And the only reason for this is this hype around the new 'second chance' for APB. And the very first day I arrived I saw dozens of people doing nothing except aimboting, wallhacking and even speadhacking. Doing it explicitly and without any shame. Like there is nothing wrong with it and this game we are playing was created to be played that way. Some of them even advertized resources on which they took their soft on. Is that a new reality of APB right now? Like, what can players do about it if creators do not care that much? (yet?) I do have screenshots of this nonsense (AND BY SCREENSHOTS OF NONSENSE I MEAN PUBLICLY ADVERTISING RESOURCES WITH CHEAT PROGRAMS WHILE PRESUMABLY CHEATING AND ADMITTING THAT) but I miserably fail to figure out how to attach pictures at this high-tech forum :C
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