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Found 2 results

  1. These past few weeks ive noticed a huge increas in suspicious gameplay by people that normally are not even near as good but somehow they hit every shot with the perfect fire rate but still have the same gameplay style as before so it makes me wonder, is there a new cheat active thats going undecteded very well? have these players actually become so good in just the past weeks? Why is there suddenly so many new characters that play like they are gods of apb that have trained their aim for 10+ years? And why does reporting them not do anything as i see the same player still 1 week after ive reported them multiple times and which im sure of other players have done aswell. Should little orbit consider going back to the previous method of handling with cheaters? I have multiple videos of players that im quite sure of that cheat. Keep in mind, ill never call a player cheater if im not sure that there is a suspicious way of gameplay, ive been playing apb for 7 years and surely never seen as much as "cheaters" as ive seen the last few days. Im suspecting a new cheat but it could be something else. Lets hear your opinion and if you have seen somethings out of the ordinary these past weeks.
  2. I just returned from my nearly a year without (somewhat) beloved APB. And the only reason for this is this hype around the new 'second chance' for APB. And the very first day I arrived I saw dozens of people doing nothing except aimboting, wallhacking and even speadhacking. Doing it explicitly and without any shame. Like there is nothing wrong with it and this game we are playing was created to be played that way. Some of them even advertized resources on which they took their soft on. Is that a new reality of APB right now? Like, what can players do about it if creators do not care that much? (yet?) I do have screenshots of this nonsense (AND BY SCREENSHOTS OF NONSENSE I MEAN PUBLICLY ADVERTISING RESOURCES WITH CHEAT PROGRAMS WHILE PRESUMABLY CHEATING AND ADMITTING THAT) but I miserably fail to figure out how to attach pictures at this high-tech forum :C
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