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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone it’s been a while since i’ve been thinking on new items,weapons and modification that the developpers could add to the game so we can have more options of strategy into opposed missions. Imagine being possible to flashbang enemies or “slice them into pieces” (lol) Melee weapons would be an awesome thing, for sure a lot of persons already had the same thaugts like me, lets try to get this seen. List of items: - Katana - Knifes - Flash grenades - Molotov - Gas grenades Would you like to see those items in the game ? Suggest some other items

    Grenades fly right

    If you throw a grenade in a sitting position, grenades fly to the right of the sight. This situation is not common. I use billiard balls. Before using a grenade, I aim to use a pistol scope for greater accuracy.
  3. Hi, guys Please help to configure the graphics or use a special config (give me link to the official Advanced Launcher). Constantly there are drawdowns in the game from 100 fps to 20 fps. This happens even outside the missions. My system : Core: FX8350 RAM: 16gb Video: GTX 750 ti (2GB) Hard drive: 7200 rpm And one more question. I have a hearing disability. Can I change the sound of the timer on the grenade? Make it louder or change it to another? P.S. If something is wrong, sorry. English is not my native language.
  4. Are you tired of getting snipped because there's no cover in 100 m around? Do you need something to cover your retreat? Do you want to lag your enemies because the game is optimized like a potatoe? Then we need Smoke grenades.
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