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Found 4 results

  1. AliAdam

    White plank launcher !!

    So i tried launching the game today and first thing i counter in front of me is a white launcher i don't know if the OTW is Closed or is this my own problem !!! http://prntscr.com/kdnglu
  2. BlackRainbowX

    Launcher Broken

    Hello everyone, I'm having some troubles going into the game after the servers were having troubles. I exited out and couldn't get back in, now my launcher is broken, it's frozen in the "UPDATE" mode, and it's not moving anywhere, don't know if anybody is having this bug, but I can't repair it, it won't let me. I'll send a link to a picture of my launcher, this problem is still going on. (http://prntscr.com/jy9q8j) I also even restarted my PC and reported these troubles and nothing Update: I have gotten the game downloaded, but now it's just stuck in the updater again. Maybe I should wait it out, but Idk, it feels like a glitch, I sat here for an hour, and it didn't move an inch. I'll just go to bed, and see what happens when I wake up, this is really frustrating though
  3. XtraMaxine

    APB Launcher Doesn't Show up

    Hello, So I decided to go and play APB so I went to the APB Reloaded launcher and ran it as administrator but nothing shows up tried a lot of times nothing shows up, tried also to restart my pc still nothing shows up. How can I fix this? XtraMaxine