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Found 17 results

  1. Mccaller

    Error disconnected

    When i doing a mission today the game logged me out and said error disconnected. It said something like unexpected error server problem. It is not the first time :(. Can u guys fix that for us? Btw i cannot login again after the game logged me out, is like a loop.
  2. Hi,I have a problem with login,after logging in,selecting character,it gives me this error Merged. ERROR / Disconnected You have been disconnected from the server unexpectedly. The server may have gone sa, or you may be experiencing network connectivity issue Note: A common problem is that your character has been locked in a arvor - it takes a maximum of 15 minutes for them to be unlocked. » ок
  3. LukeCS

    0xc00007b error

    Hello guys. So, I tried to download APB Reloaded from 2 places, Steam and GamersFirst, and both ended up with the same error: 0xc00007b. I know this is an error related to dlls but I checked it with the "Depends" program and it just doesn't make any sense. Some dlls that i believe were installed along with the game are x86 and they don't have x64 versions and the ones i found on x64 presented malfunction on other programs installed on the pc, like dbghelp.dll x64 presenting malfunctioning on Spotify, while the system dlls are x64 since its a 64 bit system. I really don't know what to do anymore so i'm wondering if someone had the same issue too and know to solve it. It only happens on APB Reloaded, all the other games i have on my pc are running perfectly (CS:GO, GTA V, ETS2, Paladins) What can I do to solve it?
  4. so today i play apb normally and after a few hour sleeping and i tryna to login da game but it said maintenance and error code 8 idk if it maintenance or not i hope its maintenance not bug or anything
  5. when i update on the launcher it stops at 52% and the download speed reduces from 3mb to 0.00kb/s and stops - what ive done - re-installed the game -restarded steam/ computer - unchecked the v6 protocol -cleared the caches -taken virus protection off -used the advanced apb launcher -repair button is greyed out im not sure if i should wait a while until it kicks in ? lol Merged. update: - I used the Advance launcher - It loaded to 52% then very very very very slowly it still updated without budging from 52% -then error came up -I repaired it by pressing repair - Then it started updating again and an extremely slow speed ( not completed yet ) 20kb/s
  6. cxbfdhb

    My trade lock error

    Hi my friends i am a player of a enforcer in citadel. My account name is stangel. İ didnt play for 6-7 months. Then i online four days ago and i i spend some dollars ANd i took some kits ext i was very happy ANd i went online in social district but system says you have wait three days because lock . İ waited three days and today system again says you haber Trade lock pls friends help me i cant sell i cant buy anything i am so sad about this i text to support morning but some friends support is look the calls in 1-2 months and i am shocked Please friends i am so sad and anxious help me
  7. Bva

    Client Manifest?? W0T

    Why when i try to open the launcher it tells me the Client Manifest is invalid? Why did i crash earlier this morning and get tons and tons of errors trying to launch the game? Edit: Managed to update the game via re-install now i get this error.
  8. Hello, Everytime i'm trying too login ingame, i get this error Code 9 Error. I Tried it with and without Steam Auto-Login, and still nothing? Does anyone know any fixes? Reinstalling the game, both normal and over steam also did not workout.
  9. i took a break for 5 months and when i came back, there was an update for 180MB. i logged in normally but after i chose a character the error shows up and get logged out. Pls help.
  10. Decided to reinstall APB after being away from it for a while for the 1.30 update got this weird error code, and I've tried a bunch of things already to try and fix it with no luck. If anyone's had this issue and fixed it please let me know. Attached is the Pastebin link for the end of the log. https://pastebin.com/0b8w2JxB
  11. Every time I try and login I get error code 8 can't play
  12. After the last update it is giving this error in my game. Edit1: I play it through steam. I uninstalled the APB and installed it again, but the error continues. Edit2: I "think" the problem is with Battleye. I removed the advanced launcher files from the APB directory, temporarily disabled my AVG antivirus, repaired the apb launcher and opened the game through the launcher and it gave the same error. I tried to open the game through the binaries and the same error also happened. Edit3: I thought the problem was in battleye, so I uninstalled it, opened the apb launcher, then it asked for permission to install battleye automatically, I accepted, battleye was installed again and the error persists. • Solution: Guys, I managed to solve it with the help of youtube and with some friends from apb, llMomoll and Kethellen. I'll break it down into steps: 1 - Check if your Windows has Service Pack 1, in my case it is Windows 7. To check this in Windows 7 you have to do the following: Windows start menu > Right click on "computer" > go to properties > And look in the windows edition tab if it says "windows service pack 1" * If you don't have Service pack 1, download it and install it. 2 - Now that you already have Service pack 1, you will download the following updates and install them, in the sequence that I will leave below: * Before downloading each one of them, check if your system is 64 or 32 bits and which version of Windows you have. Each of these updates has the option to choose 64-bit or 32-bit and choose between Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. First: Download and install the update --> KB3020369 Second: Download and install the update --> KB3172605 Third: Download and install the update --> KB4474419 * This third is something referring to the SHA-2 certificate. Use this site to search for these updates: https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Home.aspx
  13. When we get kicked for inactivity or the client gets disconnected due to any network issues, its only natural we return to same district we were before and this will cause the game to stop displaying HUD markers like objectives, teammates, mission items and sometimes even the enemies on Deathmatch events. IMO, we could just be moved to a Social District or even the character selection screen instead of disloging entirely. Maybe this would help until you can fix the HUD bug and if players could be moved to a Social District wouldnt lose any group and/or messages and some session settings like Contact Pledge and Daily Activities, etc. Unless the event is triggered by geting removed from and return. Then the only way is to make a diferent district type just for this, an empty district would load fast and maybe you can put a Joker Vending Machine but not much else, and this would be good as first district to load and for players to be moved to when inactive. (ofc this could force the bug to occur in case the client get disconnected before the player chose any district so having 2 of these would be required to prevent it by making clients to alternate between them) Thanks for your work on improving APB, it actualy seems a little better and I'm just hoping the engine update will bring fix on a lot of bugs and problems the game does still have. Hoping it will take it to a new era of APB playing. (in any case, sorry for my english but i have it set to portuguese so i see it all underlined)
  14. hello, I've been going a few months, but lately more constant, after 1 hour of playing disconnects me but now it does not happen even 5 minutes when I disconnect. I have tried to uninstall the game and continue with the same, I hope you can help me. ERROR / Disconnected You have been disconnected from the server unexpectedly. The server may have gone offline, or you may be experiencing network connectivity issues. Please Note: A common problem is that your character has been locked in a district server - it takes a maximum of 15 minutes for them to be unlocked.
  15. On the login screen where you press A to login, I get a prompt that says " TO DO THIS, CHANGE A SETTING you cannot purchase content because of how your account is set up. To change this, customize your Xbox Live privacy settings in settings > Account > Privacy & online safety. " I have changed those settings to allow everything, I am able to login into other multiplayer games, and I am able to make purchases with my unrestricted account.
  16. Good afternoon Wastelanders! As you may know, when registering and playing the new Fallen Earth Classic server that has been up for a couple months now, your character(s) will automatically receive the "Commander Aura" buff which was originally reserved for the highest tier subscription model. This aura gives you more EXP, more faction points, more death toll, and faster harvesting/scavenging times. After playing my character for 2 weeks, I noticed one day my Commander Aura buff randomly disappeared. It just wasn't there anymore. Logging out and logging back in didn't fix the problem, waiting a few days didn't fix it. Nothing would make it come back. I re-made a brand new character and got the Commander Aura back on that new character. However, out of curiosity I logged back in to my first character whom recently lost that buff, and after a week, surprise, it was back! So just a quick note to you guys, if you randomly notice your Commander Aura buff disappears one day, do not make a brand new character and start over from scratch. Just wait a few days and it will come right back. The servers being rebooted weekly as might have the been the thing that fixed this problem, but I can't say with certainty.
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