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  1. LukeCS

    0xc00007b error

    everything updated, tried to open it again, same error code and Steam won't let me verify integrity of local files, it's blocked somehow. I just installed APB again, updated what was left on Windows Update, tried to open it and the same message popped up
  2. LukeCS

    0xc00007b error

    didn't work, error persists
  3. LukeCS

    0xc00007b error

    Hello guys. So, I tried to download APB Reloaded from 2 places, Steam and GamersFirst, and both ended up with the same error: 0xc00007b. I know this is an error related to dlls but I checked it with the "Depends" program and it just doesn't make any sense. Some dlls that i believe were installed along with the game are x86 and they don't have x64 versions and the ones i found on x64 presented malfunction on other programs installed on the pc, like dbghelp.dll x64 presenting malfunctioning on Spotify, while the system dlls are x64 since its a 64 bit system. I really don't know what to do anymore so i'm wondering if someone had the same issue too and know to solve it. It only happens on APB Reloaded, all the other games i have on my pc are running perfectly (CS:GO, GTA V, ETS2, Paladins) What can I do to solve it?
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