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Found 7 results

  1. NoGeta

    Please Help

    So since 2 days ago am trying to connect to my acc and i get this error that someone is already in my acc .. i've changed my password couple of times and nothing happen so i went to the forums and saw something similar to my issue and people we're saying that it would be fixed after 15 min and nothing happen for me so if anyone can help I would be glad ........
  2. I have made a support ticket already but some friends told me that support could take around 3 months on average and I don't really want to wait 3 months to play apb. I could make a new account and start anew but I want to progress on one account and one account only as I have spent around £280 and I have made alot of outfits that I spent around 3-10 hours on (not that it matters). I added a 2 factor authenticator to my apb reloaded (gamersfirst) account recently because I have spent a decent amount of money on the game and would like knowing that my account is safe and secure from hackers etc. For a few days it was okay and was functioning properly however after those few days I noticed that the authenticator codes were not working and I couldn't log into my account. I can log into armas marketplace on any browser because it doesnt require a 2fa for some reason. Like I said I made a support ticket but i've heard the average wait time is around 3 months and I dont want to wait 3 months to play on my account. I can prove its my account with recent purchases, email, card used etc. If any developer or anyone who deals with accounts could help me that would be greatly appreciated!
  3. For some reason in the character selecter i am unable to load my jericho character, my citadel character loads just fine, but for some reason when i click on my jericho character it just freezes the video of my other character and i just hear the music, and it stays like that, is there a problem with the servers or is it just me that's experiencing this?
  4. Tekarukite1

    Error code 4

    Soo after the servers went up i wanted to try and play the game but i cant. Every time i tra to login it says: failed to login please check your ID or password if they are correct. soo i checked and they are. any help ?
  5. Tried to log in for like 4 times, yet it keeps telling " Account Login Failed! This Client's version is incorrect. " -Please make sure you're running the current patch. - The launcher itself didn't run any kind of updates .. i tried the repair button but nothing worked.
  6. This is just an account i made for these forums. Im trying to reset my password because i forgot it but I am not receiving my reset password email. Have a bit of money spent on this game and wanted to get back into it. Anyone else having this issue? or know of a fix. i submitted a ticket as well with no response
  7. On the login screen where you press A to login, I get a prompt that says " TO DO THIS, CHANGE A SETTING you cannot purchase content because of how your account is set up. To change this, customize your Xbox Live privacy settings in settings > Account > Privacy & online safety. " I have changed those settings to allow everything, I am able to login into other multiplayer games, and I am able to make purchases with my unrestricted account.
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