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  1. I've been thinking since i saw how the veo got the coywolf treatment, maybe we could do the same for other less common cars? like the varzuga for example, since it also resembles a rally car style (ford fiesta/focus) it could get decent customization, bodykits/soundkits etc. plus the varzuga has decent potential as a standalone car, decent acceleration forward and back and top speed middle of the mikro and high end cars, plus the trunk being able to fit the mobile supply unit while still having space for 1 heavy item, i think that this car has very good potential when it comes to customization and styles, what do you guys think?
  2. For some reason in the character selecter i am unable to load my jericho character, my citadel character loads just fine, but for some reason when i click on my jericho character it just freezes the video of my other character and i just hear the music, and it stays like that, is there a problem with the servers or is it just me that's experiencing this?
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