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  1. I have made a support ticket already but some friends told me that support could take around 3 months on average and I don't really want to wait 3 months to play apb. I could make a new account and start anew but I want to progress on one account and one account only as I have spent around £280 and I have made alot of outfits that I spent around 3-10 hours on (not that it matters). I added a 2 factor authenticator to my apb reloaded (gamersfirst) account recently because I have spent a decent amount of money on the game and would like knowing that my account is safe and secure from hackers etc. For a few days it was okay and was functioning properly however after those few days I noticed that the authenticator codes were not working and I couldn't log into my account. I can log into armas marketplace on any browser because it doesnt require a 2fa for some reason. Like I said I made a support ticket but i've heard the average wait time is around 3 months and I dont want to wait 3 months to play on my account. I can prove its my account with recent purchases, email, card used etc. If any developer or anyone who deals with accounts could help me that would be greatly appreciated!
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