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  1. Good evening Wastelanders! This is hilarious timing, because I just realized I accidentally logged in to this event while it was happening and had no idea what was going on. I captured some of it in a quick YT video: I believe someone else on YT already uploaded a much longer video that showed the costume contest that happened afterwards and such, not take credit away from them! I just thought this was funny that I walked into the event totally by accident lol. It was so cool to see everyone online again!
  2. Good afternoon Wastelanders! As you may know, when registering and playing the new Fallen Earth Classic server that has been up for a couple months now, your character(s) will automatically receive the "Commander Aura" buff which was originally reserved for the highest tier subscription model. This aura gives you more EXP, more faction points, more death toll, and faster harvesting/scavenging times. After playing my character for 2 weeks, I noticed one day my Commander Aura buff randomly disappeared. It just wasn't there anymore. Logging out and logging back in didn't fix the problem, waiting a few days didn't fix it. Nothing would make it come back. I re-made a brand new character and got the Commander Aura back on that new character. However, out of curiosity I logged back in to my first character whom recently lost that buff, and after a week, surprise, it was back! So just a quick note to you guys, if you randomly notice your Commander Aura buff disappears one day, do not make a brand new character and start over from scratch. Just wait a few days and it will come right back. The servers being rebooted weekly as might have the been the thing that fixed this problem, but I can't say with certainty.
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