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Found 4 results

  1. After awhile with enjoying the Beacon and the Slay Bells event I can say that they do work as intended and it is for the most part very enjoyable. However, since the new update it feels like that the event itself is causing a variety of bugs for normal missions. 1. This one is probably the most irritating, for some reason players points of interest start to disappear, this includes Objectives you need to capture/defend, seeing teammates, and even seeing enemies! the band aid fix for this is to just simply restart, but it is quite infuriating for it to happen mid-mission and feeling lost without having to open the map. 2. Strange hit registry? I've test this on a friend a few times as to trying this issue in multiple missions. Hit reg is known for being off in this game however, it goes as far as you having to question if it hit or not, even if you see blood splatter. it gives the appearance that the guns being used are outputting much less damage then they should. 3. Sometimes dying with the Secret Santa box weapons will respawn you with the weapon still in hand, however you are unable to shoot nor able to drop the weapon. eventually after (10 minutes in my case) the gun does disappear but rendering you unable to shoot or switch weapons is rather annoying. 4. An early Christmas gift for dethreaters? I been playing quite a lot as of lately and have been doing rather decent. well after a mission I had went down in threat to silver after a bad match with a 1.0 k/d. as it would sound easy to go back up to gold, I had went through 3-4 missions consecutively with killstreaks of 5+ along with winning the mission with mvp and still somehow stayed in the silver threat. seems as if going between threats have become harder in which benefits those who are trying to stay silvers. (I finally did get it back upon winning a mission with a killstreak of 13.) Feel free to mention anything that I haven't mentioned on here, but I felt I should at least say something about these issues since they have been very common as of lately.
  2. Right now there is zero incentive for Criminals to finish objectives when assigned a mission without opposition, This is clearly a waste of the Witness system which was clearly intended to be a core game mechanic. Therefore Criminals should get normal money and standing for completing objectives/missions even without opposition while Enforces get extra money and standing for witnessing a Criminal in a mission without opposition. If Criminals actually completed objectives in missions without opposition it would give Enforcers a chance to witness the Criminals and start a mission, If Enforcers got extra money and standing for witnessing Criminals in a mission then Enforces would have a reason to search for Criminals to witness. It's very boring as a Criminal to get missions without opposition because you sit there on an 99% finish objective just waiting for opposition to show up, If missions without opposition gave normal money and standing then it suddenly becomes a fun and worthwhile challenge to try and finish a mission without being witnessed by Enforcers. Criminals being able to farm not just money but also standing on empty servers isn't an issue because getting a mission without opposition requires readying up for a mission which places you on the matchmaker which continues to search for opposition, Which means that as soon as an Enforcer joins the server and readies up for a mission you could get opposition instantly which doesn't happen with ramraiding which already exists. There is also "A civilian has witnessed you" which I don't think does anything right now but what it could do is give any Enforcer who enters your mission from the matchmaker the same money and standing bonus they would have gotten if they had witnessed you. Honestly this all seems to be how the game was supposed to work on release but they simply forgot to turn on rewards for missions without opposition making the witness system pointless.
  3. When we get kicked for inactivity or the client gets disconnected due to any network issues, its only natural we return to same district we were before and this will cause the game to stop displaying HUD markers like objectives, teammates, mission items and sometimes even the enemies on Deathmatch events. IMO, we could just be moved to a Social District or even the character selection screen instead of disloging entirely. Maybe this would help until you can fix the HUD bug and if players could be moved to a Social District wouldnt lose any group and/or messages and some session settings like Contact Pledge and Daily Activities, etc. Unless the event is triggered by geting removed from and return. Then the only way is to make a diferent district type just for this, an empty district would load fast and maybe you can put a Joker Vending Machine but not much else, and this would be good as first district to load and for players to be moved to when inactive. (ofc this could force the bug to occur in case the client get disconnected before the player chose any district so having 2 of these would be required to prevent it by making clients to alternate between them) Thanks for your work on improving APB, it actualy seems a little better and I'm just hoping the engine update will bring fix on a lot of bugs and problems the game does still have. Hoping it will take it to a new era of APB playing. (in any case, sorry for my english but i have it set to portuguese so i see it all underlined)
  4. Hiya, This game desperately needs a killcam and while we're at it we should also increase the spawn timer and have it fixed at something like 30 seconds to make kills more rewarding and making objectives a bit less annoying. Currently, even if you manage to kill the enemy a lot and frequently they always seem to get back just in time to interrupt the objective on certain locations. A longer respawn timer would surely solve the issue of feeling like there is an endless amount of players coming your way. Poll up on top just because it's fun to see actual feedback rather than unconstructive comments.
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