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  1. Don't listen to him WQ, You're not just some random player. You're a great friend and a fantastic eventer :'3
  2. great commentary Lixil! Also very good video WitchQueen I loved it and hope to see more in the future
  3. This post hasn't been deleted yet, therefore it isn't edgy enough. you guys are lacking tsk tsk
  4. I HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR THIS ALL THE TIME. Finally I am not alone on this issue. bring the dab to apb!
  5. Don't worry I have have an enforcer and crim that's max rank on Citadel, if I am able to make it I will very much be equipped with the finest snubnose
  6. I have not received mine yet, although I am an owner of KTTC
  7. Still, if that is true how come these issues are only appearing as of lately. and it makes All ui elements disappear at once. it doesn't seem to go back to normal til a full restart.
  8. After awhile with enjoying the Beacon and the Slay Bells event I can say that they do work as intended and it is for the most part very enjoyable. However, since the new update it feels like that the event itself is causing a variety of bugs for normal missions. 1. This one is probably the most irritating, for some reason players points of interest start to disappear, this includes Objectives you need to capture/defend, seeing teammates, and even seeing enemies! the band aid fix for this is to just simply restart, but it is quite infuriating for it to happen mid-mission and feeling lost without having to open the map. 2. Strange hit registry? I've test this on a friend a few times as to trying this issue in multiple missions. Hit reg is known for being off in this game however, it goes as far as you having to question if it hit or not, even if you see blood splatter. it gives the appearance that the guns being used are outputting much less damage then they should. 3. Sometimes dying with the Secret Santa box weapons will respawn you with the weapon still in hand, however you are unable to shoot nor able to drop the weapon. eventually after (10 minutes in my case) the gun does disappear but rendering you unable to shoot or switch weapons is rather annoying. 4. An early Christmas gift for dethreaters? I been playing quite a lot as of lately and have been doing rather decent. well after a mission I had went down in threat to silver after a bad match with a 1.0 k/d. as it would sound easy to go back up to gold, I had went through 3-4 missions consecutively with killstreaks of 5+ along with winning the mission with mvp and still somehow stayed in the silver threat. seems as if going between threats have become harder in which benefits those who are trying to stay silvers. (I finally did get it back upon winning a mission with a killstreak of 13.) Feel free to mention anything that I haven't mentioned on here, but I felt I should at least say something about these issues since they have been very common as of lately.
  9. Ayy everyday I get reminded that Im only decent at making music lmao, anyways I would like the reindeer sweater.
  10. Major problems: -It seems that being in a group with someone will guarantee you to be in the same team as them no matter what, this can lead to unfair matchmaking. Minor problems: -The OGPL timer is unnaturally longer, it isn't a major problem but it does catch me and others off guard. -Car explosions seem to be able to get kills -The droppable Joker Boxes give strange Legendaries (Ex. Medusa with the skin of a True Ogre and an Ursus with the skin of a Nano) while Im sure it is a glitch, it was definitely interesting to see. -The freeze zone rather kills too slowly or it doesn't kill you at all. Strong sides: - The rewards only being simple things makes this a much more casual and enjoyable experience Overall opinion: This is a big step up from the Autumn assault event, It is less stressful, unique, and a generally fun experience.
  11. If you really felt true to giving away the skin, I believe that you should only give it as a redeem code for one character. At the least it will leave the winners will feel better, because they won and got the account bound version.
  12. I completely understand your frustration. Closest I get is always second place. still as I said above, top five seems to be very extremely easy. I feel like top 3 would be fair, but will still keep the gamemode's competitive aesthetic.
  13. So I been playing the event with my friends everyday with my friends since it has came out, and I can say that there are many issues that many of you guys have said but not spoken much about. So here is a small list of things that are apparent issues with the Event as of so far. 1. Event can be stubborn when deciding you are in the area or not. Most everyone talks about this, we could be 1 meter away from the point and it still won't let us in the event. 2. A follow up to issue 1, you can sometimes still be able to get shot at and killed while those around you are still grey. 3. Spawn points seem to be random, you can rather spawn in the action and go right to killing or be instantly killed, or be spawned 200+ meters away. 4. The game sometimes kicks people from the event, ultimately resulting in the event giving you absolutely nothing despite your score (However a gm has told me that LO will be rewarding these tickets back at a later date) 5. Lastly, the issue of actually winning the skin. There are an assortment of different players coming in and for the first few rounds, it is quite alright. but then certain people come in and end up winning most of the rounds. ending up coming everyday and doing the same thing. Asking people politely Doesn't work. For the most of them, the goal is actually preventing others from winning. Now I am not going to just complain about the issues, but I do have some suggestions about how some of these aspects could change to make the event a tad less frustrating. 1. Now I do not know how the event is ran or what you guys modified from the out 12 days of deathmas minigame, but since the area is a big issue, then perhaps in needs to be moved to the fight club beacon map since it was designed to host this kind of event. 2, 3, 4. moving the event to the old minigame map would also help with spawns, since you would be able to attack anyone upon coming back, and be able to use long range weapons more efficiently. 5. Now this is where most of the discussion will most likely spark. Now I had two ideas that have been discussed between friends, now some people have referred to making the top 5 people win the skin; However I believe that it is a tad overkill, top 3 could be a happy medium where those same people can still win their 250 JT and those can still win the skin. another suggestion could be a progression. if someone who wins already has the skin, the next one down should be awarded the skin. Other people have asked to remove to the 250 jt reward, but I personally believe that it will not find the issue at hand. and no player deserves to be kicked from the event for winning too much. You guys can give me some thoughts and suggestions for how you would like things to be done differently with the event. hopefully my feedback will be helpful to better the event.
  14. Strange, I have purchased the KTTC pack and I have not received any of the decals @MattScott
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