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  1. A small update to me returning to the 2nd test a couple hours later: I still keep my stand on the post previous to this one on the thread, however after playing with a different set of friends, I realized my conclusion is a bit harsh. like the statement I made during the stress test, the game mode is much more enjoyable when played with friends, and with smaller number of teams. seems like the more teams there are, the less enjoyable that it became. with the smaller groups we had upon getting on to this much later test; Me, Iroc, Blank, Tizzie, and Murk can agree that we all had a good deal of fun playing with each other in each round as the number of teams became smaller. This gamemode still needs a lot of tweaking and changes to some of the mechanics of how it works, but it is still enjoyable right now. Thank you Com, the gm who was hosting these tests, for making this possible today and he really added into the fun experience. I look forward to the last and third test if there will still be one~
  2. good god, where do I start? ugh. Cons: -So to start with, me and a couple of my friends have been having issues with the audio working in the game. no gunshots, no footsteps, no nothing. complete silence. -It feels like as if almost nothing was changed, the spawn points are still as wonky as ever. respawning next to enemies and absolute havok. -changing the sidearm to the fbw was a bad idea, it really doesn't add much to the gameplay. it gives skilled players a major advantages over new players. -it was discovered that OTW is very insecure, I had heard that someone on there was IP pulling and doxing people ingame and that itself is not acceptable. -With random start spawns and no stun upon getting down that was recommended, the game really felt too much like a convoluted version of normal missions -There generally still is not much of a sense of direction, and would be extremely confusing for new players Pros: -Removing the ability to use vehicles is more than likely for the best. -The new respawn system is nice, It makes rounds not end so quickly. -The abundance of servers that you can switch between is a nice change, to my surprise it worked quite well in OTW where I could immediately start a new game after another. Conclusion: I am going to be very honest. I hate it, I absolutely hate it. as it is now, those things make the mode boring very quickly. it feels so raw and directionless, and it will need some major improvements before it will be worth the time of new and old members of APB. after all the time and delay, we expected quite a bit sure, but with those high expectations, I was thoroughly let down. I sincerely hope that these changes are made because I really love this game, and want this gamemode to be successful. But as it is right now, this will not be the thing that will save apb's low population, and that alone scares the mess out of me.
  3. 1. How does RIOT compare to other APB game modes? -Riot poses a different concept into apb gameplay, using elements of apb's vanilla game mode's mixed in with the chaos of Fight Club and the structure of an extended mission, then they add a good flavor of Battle Royal, but different. It does add a great spice to the normal gameplay. 2. Would you encourage your friends to play RIOT? -This is definitely a game that requires some real teamwork. Missions require a good team, but RIOT will really need a good group of friends to have the best experience. I played the game with my friend IrocKiller and Saxtus. We all had a great time for the most part. the coordination aspect of this game will be a fun pointer when trying to get my friends to play this with me. as they say, games are better in large numbers. 3. How would you explain RIOT to someone who has never seen it? -Riot Mode is a teamed free for all game that starts you with just a snub nose and nothing else with a team of your choosing. you will start by looking for weapons (most important) and money. As well as hunting for a RedHill detonation code. You can use the money to buy your weapons that you have equipped outside of riot mode (in my case, a FAR and a Thunder), or you can buy an extra life if you are down a life, or you can spawn a car. Once you get the codes, you must start detonating bombs and eliminating your enemies. at this point you will keep an eye on the map til you get to the final area and hunt down your enemies. 4. What ONE THING would you change about RIOT if you could? -A theme that is common on a lot of BR type games and game modes is that when people get shot at and their health is gone, they would get knocked down and then would have to get shot up again to get kills. In Riot mode, I would like to see them implement this same system. but when knocked downed, players do the stunned animation and if teammates don't pick them up after a certain time, they die. 5. What is your favorite aspect of RIOT? -Starting with no weapons, and working your way up to getting your best set up, it really does feel nice and forces people outside of using their usual meta. although you can get those guns they like later in the game, having it start that way is really interesting and refreshing. 6. What about RIOT do you like the least? -The long wait times after each match can get annoying, especially if you get killed really early in the game. it becomes discouraging after awhile. this was also a con of previous events like the Xmas event. Extra Pointers: -Spawns can be broke, I sometimes spawned between two actively fighting teams and die immediately -Sometimes camera breaks and you get stuff looking at a wall after dying in spectator mode. -You are not always able to see player names in game, and never able to see them in spectator mode. -when buying a secondary weapon, sometimes it makes the primary weapon despawn -When you are in a group of 2, the game will not add two solo's in the group, and therefore you will only be a group of two in a game full of 4 man teams. -You are not able to spawn cars in the game it seems (I have seen others, but I have not been able to spawn one myself, despite having the Redhill cash needed. -For most of the round it is dead silence. no ambient sounds or anything. I didn't realize this till my team had left. and it is really unsettling to say the least. -The map is far too big in the final stages. It does decrease as the round goes on, but the final stage is still big enough to where teams will not encounter each other and it makes for long stalemates of scared to aggro players. -The Detonation codes seem to have infinite uses. Once I got one of them, I was able to set off multiple bombs. is this intentional? *(Newly added point) Conclusion: -The game is extremely fun for what it is. I can see that it needs a lot of work and improvement, however it did meet my expectations and I can't wait to see what the final product will bring. with the right tweaks and advertising, it will be a refreshing new game mode for new and veteran players alike to return to.
  4. hopefully they will whitelist the dll's, if it isn't a problem for other games that use battle-eye, shouldn't be a problem for apb either. I will go ahead a create a ticket too. the more of us who reports the issue, the more LO see's that it is an issue to address. but yeah I have the same exact problem, and I am not about to kill all of my laptop's LEDs lmao.
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