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  1. Yezzie

    Ideas for apb.

    Hesterday i was thinking about few new stuff on apb, as: Sry for my bad english, that isn't my own language. a Lending system, If i wanna lend a weapon or a car to a friend. System for transfer apb cash through our characters System for leave a mission even if their is opposition but for cash, like first time that will cost 5000$ the second time 10000$ etc...... System for give the permission to a another acc for edit a car, theme, symbol,....... On contact store, We can buy for lifetime a weapon, like an ntec 2 slot adeen, I can buy it for lifetime. Sry for my bad english, that isn't my own language. And I have a another problem, Sometime, When im playing on baylon or mission district, their is silver player, and when im killing them, they told me i am cheating. and they report me.
  2. I wanna sell this theme: add me on discord for more info: Yezzie#4373
  3. After the pacht, I cant change the priority with the task manager. can someone help me ?
  4. Yezzie

    Frensh clan

    Hi there is on apb a frensh clan?
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