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Found 5 results

  1. Unlock more of the already existing kits for both factions (suggestion). One of the kits: bishada sports kit bundle
  2. Right now there is zero incentive for Criminals to finish objectives when assigned a mission without opposition, This is clearly a waste of the Witness system which was clearly intended to be a core game mechanic. Therefore Criminals should get normal money and standing for completing objectives/missions even without opposition while Enforces get extra money and standing for witnessing a Criminal in a mission without opposition. If Criminals actually completed objectives in missions without opposition it would give Enforcers a chance to witness the Criminals and start a mission, If Enforcers got extra money and standing for witnessing Criminals in a mission then Enforces would have a reason to search for Criminals to witness. It's very boring as a Criminal to get missions without opposition because you sit there on an 99% finish objective just waiting for opposition to show up, If missions without opposition gave normal money and standing then it suddenly becomes a fun and worthwhile challenge to try and finish a mission without being witnessed by Enforcers. Criminals being able to farm not just money but also standing on empty servers isn't an issue because getting a mission without opposition requires readying up for a mission which places you on the matchmaker which continues to search for opposition, Which means that as soon as an Enforcer joins the server and readies up for a mission you could get opposition instantly which doesn't happen with ramraiding which already exists. There is also "A civilian has witnessed you" which I don't think does anything right now but what it could do is give any Enforcer who enters your mission from the matchmaker the same money and standing bonus they would have gotten if they had witnessed you. Honestly this all seems to be how the game was supposed to work on release but they simply forgot to turn on rewards for missions without opposition making the witness system pointless.
  3. Hello, my in-game username is NixonDT, and i've seen that over the past years of playing APB; no new noticeable police features has been added. I feel like it would be better if they include some real police cars and features used in real life. So if APB could insert some popular police cars with a little tweak to it; that'll be amazing. After all, this is a Police vs Criminals type of game. Here's a few short-term and long-term goals that I suggest you guys should add: Short-Term Police Vehicle Goals 2017 Dodge Charger: Ford Interceptor SUV: Chevrolet Tahoe: Long-Term Police Vehicle Goals Ford Taurus SHO: BearCat (Different from the Pioneer): Ford "Bomb Squad" Truck: Short-term Enforcer Car Feature Goals: More police lights on vehicle body New spotlight that actually work New siren sounds Detailed interior design Actual police horn sound Long-term Enforcer Car Feature Goals: Ability to deploy spike strips Speed radar in police vehicle In mission districts, AI vehicles move out the way when siren noise get near Option to switch between emergency lights with no sound and emergency light with sounds (maybe by adding a hotkey 1-5 when in vehicle) Headlights that can be activated/deactivated and have a noticeable reflection on the ground at night (For all vehicles)
  4. DISBAND Здравейте на всички!Реших да направя този български клан,защото съм сигурен,че в близко бъдеще ще има все по-малко интернационални и все повече национални(така да се каже)Просто такива ще бъдат тенденциите дори и в тази игра.Така че и ние трябва да си имаме собствен клан,нали? Вероятно в бъдеще ще има направени и по-добри БГ кланове от този,но искам все пак да започна с един.Интернационалните кланове като цяло се провалиха и без това,с изключение на няколко като WASP например,който е със строго определени skill изисквания,отличителни черти и над 10 годишна история в играта.Но дори и подобни формации ще бъдат застрашени от правилно функциониране и изчезване след време,поне според мен.Така че всички които отговарят на изискванията по-долу,са добре дошли.Желая ви приятно прекарване с APB Правила и изисквания: - всички threats са позволени - респект спрямо всички,без хакове и прекален rage - лица над 18 годишна възраст - за комуникация,освен чата можем да използваме voIP или discord - попълнете краткo bio в player профила си(име,години,град) За да станете част от San Paro BG оставете коментар по-долу или изпратете mail/whysper на TheMessiah в играта.До нови срещи!
  5. thanks to all those tags and other who related too... to unblock falsely banned accounts of fair players... thanks again...….❤
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