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Found 17 results

  1. The stability of the servers and the game it's self is becoming noticeably worse as each day goes by, LO say's it'll be months to begin the process of updating and fixing this. I say, do you actually think you have months left? the server will not survive at the rate of decay I'm seeing, and every ddos and collapse accelerates that process, you might not even have two months left at this point. Hoping I'm wrong, but I know one thing for certain, I wasted my money buying premium this month.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm having some troubles going into the game after the servers were having troubles. I exited out and couldn't get back in, now my launcher is broken, it's frozen in the "UPDATE" mode, and it's not moving anywhere, don't know if anybody is having this bug, but I can't repair it, it won't let me. I'll send a link to a picture of my launcher, this problem is still going on. (http://prntscr.com/jy9q8j) I also even restarted my PC and reported these troubles and nothing Update: I have gotten the game downloaded, but now it's just stuck in the updater again. Maybe I should wait it out, but Idk, it feels like a glitch, I sat here for an hour, and it didn't move an inch. I'll just go to bed, and see what happens when I wake up, this is really frustrating though
  3. I cannot log in to my account after typing my password. I use the two-factor authentication for APB Reloaded on my account. I get the same issue when login to the GamerFirst website. When i type in the code from google authentication it gives me the error of an invalid code. I have tried it more than multiple times and i still have the same result. Before, it gave me invalid code; i typed it again and it worked. Usually the 2nd time works when i put in the code. Thankfully i had my forum account still logged in. When i am trying to login into the GamerFirst website: If it is possible removal of the authenticator would be fine. P l s halp LovelyJasmine
  4. title says. I reported this long ago but its not fixed yet.
  5. Hello, So I decided to go and play APB so I went to the APB Reloaded launcher and ran it as administrator but nothing shows up tried a lot of times nothing shows up, tried also to restart my pc still nothing shows up. How can I fix this? XtraMaxine
  6. Flatish

    Disconnect error

    I can go into the lobby and select a character, but after clicking the "Next" button I constantly get a message about the Disconnect from the server
  7. Why this fucking shit game keeps running out of memory, i literly put a fucking 10gb page file, i have 32gb ram, my settings are normal, I never had this fkin issue before why is it poping up now ? IT keept running out of memory every few min, then it disappear and it comes back, wasted like 10 missions cause of it
  8. After awhile with enjoying the Beacon and the Slay Bells event I can say that they do work as intended and it is for the most part very enjoyable. However, since the new update it feels like that the event itself is causing a variety of bugs for normal missions. 1. This one is probably the most irritating, for some reason players points of interest start to disappear, this includes Objectives you need to capture/defend, seeing teammates, and even seeing enemies! the band aid fix for this is to just simply restart, but it is quite infuriating for it to happen mid-mission and feeling lost without having to open the map. 2. Strange hit registry? I've test this on a friend a few times as to trying this issue in multiple missions. Hit reg is known for being off in this game however, it goes as far as you having to question if it hit or not, even if you see blood splatter. it gives the appearance that the guns being used are outputting much less damage then they should. 3. Sometimes dying with the Secret Santa box weapons will respawn you with the weapon still in hand, however you are unable to shoot nor able to drop the weapon. eventually after (10 minutes in my case) the gun does disappear but rendering you unable to shoot or switch weapons is rather annoying. 4. An early Christmas gift for dethreaters? I been playing quite a lot as of lately and have been doing rather decent. well after a mission I had went down in threat to silver after a bad match with a 1.0 k/d. as it would sound easy to go back up to gold, I had went through 3-4 missions consecutively with killstreaks of 5+ along with winning the mission with mvp and still somehow stayed in the silver threat. seems as if going between threats have become harder in which benefits those who are trying to stay silvers. (I finally did get it back upon winning a mission with a killstreak of 13.) Feel free to mention anything that I haven't mentioned on here, but I felt I should at least say something about these issues since they have been very common as of lately.
  9. Baylan and open conflict waterfront is not available
  10. Hello there reader. Whether you are a player from APB Reloaded or a dev/gm, feel free to read this post and add to it below. I have encountered a bug which keeps me form being able to create songs and theme's after the 1.30 update. I do not know whether this is a known issue or not but I wanted to point it out so it an be fixed in the near future ^^ Have a good day and write some comments if you encounter more bugs ^^
  11. Hello, recently been having this problem for awhile so figured it would be time to report it. Every time I go to try and save my tattoo after purchasing them, upon leaving the kioski customize screen sometimes you'll run into issues where the tattoos don't save or just duplicate itself and overwrites a tattoo that was intended to be placed. It's really aggravating when I'm working with 15+ tattoos and labour only to find out my hard work been demolished. Any ideas if this can be looked into? Even multiple friends of mine said they had the same issue. Thanks.
  12. Can you please name the numpad keys "NumPad1" "Numpad4" and so on to avoid issues with people who uses RightShift when playing? To describe the problem here's an example, if someone has a function bound to Numpad0 lets say Crouch, when pressing Rightshift (Run) at the same time as Numlock0 turns it into INS, to which I have no functions bound. This has been a problem for me for years, shift button cancelling my numpad-inputs, or rather changing the input. APB is the only game that has not named the numpad keys individually, assuming everyone plays on WASD, which is certainly not the case Shift cancelling numlock would easily be fixed if the numpadkeys got their proper names, shouldn't be hard for you guys adjust this. Thankful for reply/help
  13. Hello there everyone...this is frustrating, and it's been going since the last time the servers been entirely fried, and when I left to take a break, I come back, only to see my game is trying to update, the problem is it wouldn't. I couldn't repair my game, I couldn't get the update to work, I sat there for an hour, and the update bar didn't move an inch, so I was stuck. And I'm SURPRISED, more haven't commented on this issue, and I feel like I"m the only one with this FREAKING problem. I contacted support, I contacted Lixil, and I didn't get a response from either, so I am frustrated. I need help, please. I can show pictures of what is going on, it is bad. I uninstalled and tried to restart the whole game itself, and now it's not downloading regularly. It's stuck between a 2 and 3 day estimate download time, and it hasn't moved for the last couple of hours.
  14. When ever I launch APB Reloaded on steam I go to the APB Launcher as usual but as soon as I click launch on the launcher my steam says I'm not currently playing APB Reloaded and it's a pain to Alt+Tab to talk to someone via steam for a more simplistically detailed problem that I have is. Steam recognizes that I'm in game when I'm at the launcher but when I'm playing the actual game steam thinks that I'm not in APB Reloaded thus steam overlay is not possible If anyone can help me it would be heavily appreciated!
  15. KEPP96

    Mailbox problem

    Good evening staff, I've open a ticket in this site of gamersfirst support: See ticket "Hi Staff of LittleOrbit, I can't attach elements from my mailbox to send at another my character (Ruffatooo to KiwyRuff). Could you unlock me this function? At one my friend in APB this feature work, but from some time for me not work. Could you help me? Attach option are Grayed out" Image.jpg Thanks for support
  16. My camera keeps spinning and Im just barely in the tutuorial
  17. A few days ago,I started APB.Everything was good.I loged in my account.Selected my character then tried to join a District.On the top of the screen it was loading,everything was ok after 1 minute on top of the screen said : " Loading.. " then I got redirected to the login.This is happening only on this account and if I try using another account it works.On some servers works on my main account but on some is not working.I dont know what should I do.In the login section I get this.I already made a ticket to Easyanticheat.They said that the game folder might be corup,I did what they said.I reinstalled my windows,scan for virus, nothing.
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