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  1. Implying we wont just d/c our internet and reconnect thru the start taskbar. This takes the cake, yall are some lost cause.
  2. As good the idea is, I'm sure tryhards will hate this with a passion as there's only 1 entrance.
  3. Yood. Why are Russians more wild than us Blacks?
  4. After paying attention to details, I believe this game has no immersion for that matter.
  5. Unless its a weapon issue; Little Orbit will NOT fix it. The female idle animation does look better and vibrant for the game, the current idle animation is ugh.
  6. Something like this is only possible with the engine update which may not happen. Overall I agree with this 100% but only if technical issues can be fixed. (I imagine we'd have lag, rendering issues, etc)
  7. I was hopin' fo a actual music video not "frag" videos
  8. So even with professional typing skills the software developers will continue to overlook a thread that is helping detailing their games. Y'all put in hard work. Keep it up!
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