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  1. Thread is now closed, Answer sort has been found. Thank you.
  2. The Poll is now Closed, Thread locked upon request Pleasure doing business with you.
  3. Hello! You should contact support regarding this (Link) from there you can issue and track your support tickets, keeping them updated in regards to questions you have, posting multiple tickets will not make the process quicker. I hope this helps and that your issue is resolved quickly.
  4. Great news that your issue has been sorted, i shall lock this topic and move it to the Resolved Bugs sub forum.
  5. Salubrious

    My trade lock error

    We are sorry that it is not going as quickly as you hoped for, but the support team are busy at work bringing down those response times, there is a topic which helps to keep appraised of their progress in general. hopefully your tickets will be dealt with and the problem can be solved.
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