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  1. It’s ingenious if you are not a cheater - you are still a cheater because you are banned. And all the same, that you are banned just like that, in general, it's brilliant
  2. Moderators will say contact support, they will say support - you are to blame for yourself. For this, I spent 8 years of my life continuing to support her with a donat? Thank you, you destroy my self-confidence
  3. What are you talking about at all ... guys. Numerous bans lead to the decline of online, but LO apparently does not think about it. It thanks the players for forgiving them for mistakes. How can I forgive EAC errors, and then bans by hand LO?
  4. I understand everything, but I only protect, and try to protect those people who are in a serious and difficult situation right now, like I am at the moment. I'm trying to remove the bad thoughts that all banned cheaters, yes it looks like that - but no ..
  5. You know what, the funniest thing? What many players played seriously without illegal programs, and got a lock, you know how insulting it is to lose everything? And no one will believe it, this can be compared with the fact that a person saw a UFO ... few people believe him, but this is true. The cruel truth.
  6. Many players were banned, not only the author of this post. including me
  7. Я вас понял, спасибо. I understand you, thanks.
  8. The lock was given by mistake to a lot of people, I expect from you at least some answers other than "Contact support".
  9. Я говорю первым, потому что большинство русских не знает английского.. I speak first because most Russians do not know English ..
  10. Hello, moderator, does it make sense for me to contact support if the ban occurred by mistake Easy Anticheat, should I lose my time in order to wait a month for a response from support?
  11. Hello dear players and administration. I want to ask a question, why did innocent players be massively blocked? Where can I get an answer to this question? It does not make sense to send support, many players have received a lock, and this is not the fault of the players themselves, this is the fault of Easy-Anticheat, where can I get help on this?
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