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Found 5 results

  1. Hello dear players and administration. I want to ask a question, why did innocent players be massively blocked? Where can I get an answer to this question? It does not make sense to send support, many players have received a lock, and this is not the fault of the players themselves, this is the fault of Easy-Anticheat, where can I get help on this?
  2. so let's get this right? i'm a player that got banned like 7-10 days ago on my main account.... first of all i don't know why as well.... if it's because i have an apb that is with killfeed changed colors and an outline shader + advanced launcher..... then why no one of the streamers and youtubers are getting banned for it? second thing..... my mouse have a button of turbofire... that's like a macro but it sucks i use it only when i want to play oscar that's all... and it's not the first time u guys ban me... so through these days u banned 2 more accounts of me and they have still the active statu and this account i'm talking with is one of them i mean comeon first u didn't reply my ticket for my other account and now u banned me twice for no reason as well i can login to my account and chat all day long with friends but i join a district says i'm banned ..... comeone guys this is not fair at least i'm playing untill u reply me on my other account i need an answer..... thanks
  3. Hi i know this its too late to write this but before i actually did not know i can write a form and tell my situation to everyone so i just let it pass, by now i saw a lots of update and a new company who runs APB, my twin brother always play APB and i just have to watch him play it, because i got banned for using a bug in APB 3 years ago, which i could go inside of buildings and shoot people throw walls . i know it considered for cheating , but honestly it was a bug which got fix later on. i just wonder if i could get my account back by any chance? since many other people who got banned because of the same situation got their accounts back.
  4. Matt Scott promised same, that banit accounts forever not will. He wrote in some article that the block accounts will not be forever. Matt Scott promised that unban, who get banned. But it’s wrong to blocked forever in this game, it is not so popular and famous. Here online is scanty and so, and you block forever the players who have been familiar with this game long time, also invest money in the game. You promised that players won’t blocked forever. Make the first block for a month, then for two and etc. Easy Anti Cheat does not want to understand this situation. I perfectly remember that in some article "little orbit" talk about blocking, forever will not block. And will come up with another measure punishment. EAC they respond with a pattern.
  5. I kind of felt bad for this young gamer. Full Story with short clip: Link The fact that he was part of a professional eSports team makes this even more of a harsh reality.
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