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  1. after my first ban on my main i changed my mouse and even went back to vanilla APB and still getting banned "not like try to access account and stops me with permanent ban" it lets me into my account and i can chat all day long ... but when i join i get kicked thanks for the point you made and you are a terrible person just by saying this.... because im not like any other cheater that cheats litterly raging and not getting banned... and i only said the only things i had that could ban me and yes i deserve the ban... but not the accounts that had no related things to my other ban.... just have my feelings that i play and everytime for 3 days i get banned... it's not a good feeling buddy
  2. true but i'm wondering why they keep banning me mate.......
  3. i know but there's lots of streamers and youtubers that have these shaders and modified files as well and they're not banned yet thanks Merged. sure thing i will thanks for the information
  4. mate i admit that i had modified files yeah for kill feed colors and some names changing like GM becomes "Power Abuser" and things like that but i never cheated i only had a mouse with a button on it says turbo fire and it sucks i use it for the lolz with oscar but i messaged them about it and this account and another one having a kick by EAC and telling me banned litterly for no reason.... and then waited and opened a new account with my friends to play and theeeen got banned again .... like come on i have done litterly nothing :c
  5. so let's get this right? i'm a player that got banned like 7-10 days ago on my main account.... first of all i don't know why as well.... if it's because i have an apb that is with killfeed changed colors and an outline shader + advanced launcher..... then why no one of the streamers and youtubers are getting banned for it? second thing..... my mouse have a button of turbofire... that's like a macro but it sucks i use it only when i want to play oscar that's all... and it's not the first time u guys ban me... so through these days u banned 2 more accounts of me and they have still the active statu and this account i'm talking with is one of them i mean comeon first u didn't reply my ticket for my other account and now u banned me twice for no reason as well i can login to my account and chat all day long with friends but i join a district says i'm banned ..... comeone guys this is not fair at least i'm playing untill u reply me on my other account i need an answer..... thanks
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